Choosing strains

I am a New point in growing…I been satisfied to grow what I can, then moved into cloning…made some dry soft and learned to REVEGG a mom and clone e
Now gotta start eliminating strains


Check the jars, which ones get emptied, grow those.


Grow what excites you.

This will change over time. For me a year ago it was white widow. Now I have so much of it it bores me.

Now I’m growing a Hibernate which I’m pumped for, and in the future I’m excited to give the everyday haze a go.

Also grow some randoms. You never know what you’ll like unless you try. And when you find something you like grow the shit out of it.


same problem. I got 3 tent perpetual set up with some testers from OGers and seeds I bought

I was looking at expensive seeds like Riot, Exotic Genetix, T. H. Seeds

but I have more seeds here, maui mango haze, alien gorilla glue & bubblegum autos, plus my tents are full so I could cut clones and have more

looking at a $400 cart of seeds then looking at all the stuff I already have, I decided not to go for it. Maybe later.

Anybody grown Darkstar by T. H. Seeds?


I love my Island SweeT SKUNK…Romulan GRAPEFRUIT for playing music, dancehall for wife’s CBD…so I’m gonna do seed runs of the first two then isolate the highest CBD phenotype of the DANCEHALL… Then clone that birch or make seeds, my friend is running f3 of DANCEHALL, AND sent me f2s…I’m keeping some originals for backCross if we hit a bottleneck


I just pick based on potential yield, flowering time, indica or sativa, thc content and price( price will be less relevant once I get my first big harvest.)

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still doing that, dont care about yield only potency or med value also looking for something to make me sleep.


That’s ways number one for me…I be able to sleep. Some strains cause such cotton mouth I wake up
I like Island Sweet Skunk, and other skunks, also romulan grapefruit. Some indica will put me down but not keep me down, or will make me drowsy the next day

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Island sweet skunk is on my list, where did you get your seeds from?

Next Generation seedbank, if you call and ask for Taylor he will make a good deal. I also like Romulan-grapefruit


I do the same thing, like every other day. Takes me about 48 hours to forget and go through it all over again.

I run Darkstar every trip to the flower cab. Heavy yields of thick dense nuggz, grapefruit smells, fire smoke almost pure Indica.
I recently received a batch of more beans to f2 with what I have left.


Thank you very much, that was the one i thought i wanted

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