Cleaning Container

Hi all! Getting ready to go to bed. I bought us a chicken tonight for dinner at the grocery store. I’m cleaning up and was going to throw the container in the recycling but stopped. This would be an ideal container for seedlings and clones…

My question is, how do I clean it to sterilize? Obviously I would hand wash but I am worried about trace grease spots inviting mold.

Has anyone done this or have a tip? The plastic is thick, I’m sure to hold up under the warmer.

Thank you all! See you in the morning. Well, late morning lol


Wash with hot water and dawn dish soap. Rince really well. Repeat. If you really want to you could . a for like a minute. the key here is you wanna use hot water.
Sanitize with hydrogen peroxide common household item .


I love my chicken tray!! …and you cant beat the price!!!


I also use ones from grapes if you need air movement.


Thank you both so much! I thought about the peroxide. I’ll do this! Thanks again. And thanks for the pic showing it works!!