Cogitech’s 1st Outdoor Grow

As everyone knows, it is legal to grow 4 plants per household outdoors in most Canadian provinces now. So a new chapter begins for me and my cannabis cultivation education.

Due to my local (very hot, semi-arid) climate, I have chosen to grow 2 different versions of Lebanese cannabis. I started them indoors a few weeks ago and they were put in the ground 2 days ago. I swear they have doubled in size in those 2 days.

Photos - the first two are ACE Seeds and the second two are Blue Hemp Seed Co x Real Seed Co. So far the ACE looks more Sativa dominant than the BH x RSC.



Pitch a tent and watch the fun.

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They got a first, very mild, dose of General Organics nutes yesterday and I am going to work up to a full strength dose over the next week or so. They could use some greening up.

Soil is a mixture of peat moss, compost, EWC, and existing garden soil, with some bone & blood meal sprinkled in for good measure. I made the holes in the garden large enough to give them a good start, but they are going to need to work their roots into whatever is down there if they are going to survive/thrive. When I see the Lebanese plants growing in conditions such as in the video below, it makes me think these plants will do very well where I have planted them.



Your off to a good start mate. Looking forward to how these turn out :popcorn:


Looking very good for their age. Keep up the good work.


Thanks !

Are you a fellow Canadian? Manitoba, perhaps?

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Yes in Manitoba. Our province isn’t exactly grow friendly but I do have my ACMPR so I do have a legal grow. Too bad the majority can’t.


Yep, these Lebs are loving the climate so far. Grew another inch and a half since yesterday. (90F for you south of the border)


hey cogitech, are you concerned about finishing sativas outdoor in canada? does it stay dry and warm enough where you are into late october?

Glad to hear you can grow, but it’s too bad the laws in MB aren’t more open.


We do get great weather all the way till the end of September, and not bad weather in October, however one of the beauties of the Lebanese strains is that they finish up anywhere from end of August to end of September, according to multiple sources. They start flowering quite early as the days start getting shorter.


Love the outdoor grows you could pull back the wood chips a bit from the main trunk you might be getting a little nitrogen robbing from the soil/woodchip interface looking forward to see they turn out!


Ya watched the video as well couldn’t believe it looks like those things were growing in the desert wondering if they are a more water thrifty plant as well?


Yep, apparently they don’t irrigate them. They get whatever nature gives them, which isn’t much.


Pics from this morning. I can hardly believe how fast these plants are growing.


I will take your advice. The point of the mulch is to retain moisture, but if you think it could be doing harm then I will move it as suggested. An inch or two from the trunk?


I’d move it out a foot a better then come back in close with a compost or straw from a hay bale or something similar

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Surprised by your response, I am now inspired to learn more about this phenomenon. First thing I found is some seemingly knowledgeable folks calling it an urban myth.

I’ll continue to read what I can find and then decide what action to take, if any. I’m trying to keep an open mind about it, either way.


Good article not that many people probably do it but when mixed into soil the iv read where it can negative outcomes that’s all , you will definitely be tipping your soil to more fungal dominance over time which is not a bad thing IMO which means less weeds yea!