Washing Your Harvest?

Hey OGrs, I was watching a video of washing your harvest before hanging to dry. He used a cup of Lemon Juice, and a cup of Baking Soda in a 5 gallon bucket. As well as two more 5 gallons buckets of water to rinse. Dipping his trimmed branches in the Water, Lemon Juice, Baking Soda mix about 3 time then dipping them into the rinse buckets always in order. My question is dose anyone practice this? And what exactly are the benefits, and issues with this? If any. Thanks


I think it f’n ruined my shit! :laughing: but @Meesh thinks i’m the problem not the recipe. because my lemons are too strong or some crap.

I tried just plain rinsing in the bathtub with gentle room temp water for 5 seconds was perfectly OK. :bath:

The key is to get that surface water off quick but not over-doing it & drying the plant out too fast.



I just started doing this, as I have a mite problem, so was dusting the flower room with sulphur, and the plants needed washing after harvest.

It improves the smell, gets rid of dust and hair and bug crap which improves taste when smoking, the down side for me is cutting the plants up to get them in the wash bucket, as I normally hang the whole plant to dry, also you have to hang the plants to drip dry after washing.

You will be amazed at how much crap comes off the plants, the water gets filthy.


It would be interesting to test water from outdoor vs. indoor & see what the differences are… :nerd_face: :biohazard:



For outdoors, I washed for the first time this year and I’ll be doing it from now on. Add vinegar and lemon, swoosh the branches in and all around, then rinse. The film of residue and dead bugs tells you it was worthwhile. The weed also suddenly smells like weed again.


I remember something about buds becoming black if they were left wet for some time after washing but I am not sure … icon_e_confused|nullxnull


Washing (as I understand it) is primarily to clean off the junk stuck to the outdoor grown buds.
The down side is you are knocking trichomes off doing it. So be gentle… :innocent:



I did it last year … with my outdoor stuff a must IMO and will do so from here on out I show it on my 2019 thread… I use those utility wash basin for doing dishes i use 3 of them I put warm water in with the dissolved baking soda Throw the buds in then add lemon juice then immediately swish for 30 sec cleans them with the effervescent like clean dentures pull out and shake then two addition cool water rinses, Shake and dry


Outdoor might be cleaner, as it gets s a wash down every time it rains.


Now you say that George, I have been wondering why the last 2 harvests, the buds have been almost black, I thought it was due to too much N during flowering.

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I usually pull out more cat hair than I would like…little fuckers can’t stay away when the doors are open. Luckily my dog is shorthaired and hates cats…so he fucks off. Finding some german shepherd or husky hair would be brutal.


I washed one Early Skunk that had few bugs and ended that way. Didn’t noticed it was something related from staying wet until someone commented it in your thread, seems we both smoke too much weed, no RAM available … :sweat_smile:


I tried it with my last round of guava 99 that I had to take down at 7.5 weeks due to powdery mildew. I used water with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide… can’t remember how much I believe it was Jorge Cervantes recipes

Like others said it was crazy how much stuff was in the water after. The buds shrank alot more than I expected after drying, but that might have been due to the early harvest. It probably was 🤷


I humbly disagree, outdoor you have bugs and birds shit, slugs and snails trails, even Sahara or somewhere dust, what I found in my water after washing moved me growing indoors for the rest of my existence … :sunglasses:


Yeah your right, I forgot about the bird shit and slug slime eeeuuugghghhhh.


I wash all my outdoor bud. But only one lemon and 1/2 cup of baking soda. The real important part is to hang them in front of a fan for a good 20 mins or more to get the excess water off before you start trimming though. You wouldn’t believe how much smog, bugs, and gunk comes off in that water. I feel much safer smoking it after and it doesn’t ruin your bud in any way


I wash all of my buds using a technique similar to the one you described, however I also add another bucket of dilluted food grade hydro perox as well (as noted in the video above).


Do amber trich-heads get knocked? I know thc is not water soluble …wash in bubble bags?

Edit, I guess harvesting 10 x 10 pounders would eat more water than it’s worth

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Bud wash H202.

Hydrogen peroxide in water mix.


I maybe new to this to this forum
But I’ve been growing cannabis for longer that I can remember.

I don’t know what all you guys are doing using baking soda and lemon juice all over your damn nice buds for…?

Food grade or pharmaceutical grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Water mix only…H202…After washing your harvest… it leave… no flavor…no residue… takes all the bullshit off…your fine ass bud…The wash takes off all the powdery mildew if there’s any…and all the bug poop… all bird poop …if your outside…
If there’s any residue from all your crazy ass bug spray stuff you guys spray on your plants… like neem oil and Captain Jack’s… what have you.
All that stuff comes clean off …

The harvest… don’t lose any terp profiles… don’t lose any trikes…

You’ve just got beautifully clean yummy weed… once the process is done…and dry n cure as normal…

O yeah No black buds… Who the hell had gotten black buds???..

The only time I’ve seen that is when I did some 5 day water curing…

H202 bud wash is mandatory when I harvest inside or out every single time
I harvest 10 + annually. 2 outside at 12 to 14 plants each havest.

I’ve been washing my bud for damn near ten years now… With h202… outside and inside Harvest…

1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide ie. (The same stuff you get off the drug store shelf ). Mix with 3 3/4 quarts of water


34% food grade hydrogen peroxide
2.5oz to 4qt of water.

I like to make up 5 gallon bucketful and take my freshly niped colons and branches with buds and place them all in the h202 mix for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on how dirty my weed is)

After the wash then it’s time to rinse in clean water. Just a dunk in and out no big deal…and then hang on hangers and let drip-dry for a bit.

After it’s done dripping. Then go to your favorite drying and curing methods…

Gool luck
Happy groing