Stretching my Legs outdoors (get it?)

Alright I been threatening to do this for a while and I’m finally getting around to it. Putting together this thread to track my 2022 outdoor run. I’ve got two females in 30gal (I think) fabric pots: one Pure Kush x Uzbekistani Hashplant from Bodhi grown from F2s sourced here off the forum, and one Stop Lights (NL5 x Purple Paonia Paralyzer) from our own @JohnnyPotseed . Plants were vegged way long indoors waiting to determine sex, been out for a while now and bulking hard, here are some somewhat recent photos:


Stop Lights:

Typical of my spot I’ve been battling caterpillars and leaf hoppers like crazy, today will mark day 3 of a Dr. Zymes regimen, and I’ll probably hit em with Spinosaid next week. Since taking those photos I’ve done a major defoliation and the plants seem to be loving it, will follow up with new photos shortly, welcome to the green mountains all who choose to hang out. :heart::heart::v:t2::call_me_hand:t2::heart::heart:


Love those big fat leaves and I can not lie!

Just picked up some Stop lights from @JohnnyPotseed .
Can’t wait to pop em’.

Count me in for your Green Mountain grow :call_me_hand:


welcome my friend! good choice picking up that stop lights from johnny, i got high hopes for her.


Here we go with some up to date shots:

The Stop Lights the a easily overhead right now on the tallest branch, both plants were topped like 3-4 times but that one really wants to maintain its apical dominance. I’m a little worried if it stretches too much farther that I might not be able to get a cover over them come the nasty fall weather, she may get an emergency beheading if it looks like she won’t chill the fuck out haha


Looking nice in here @LegsMahoney !

Outdoor is my fave :smile_cat: I’ll follow along.

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always a joy to see you pop in on my threads @api312 i got a special place in my heart for the outdoor too. :heart: :v:


Very Nice!!! May your harvest be Kind!!! tagged :metal:

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Looking great @LegsMahoney got this subbed… just pulling up my lawn chair! Thanks for sharing! :green_heart::metal::sunglasses:

Lol… chill the f*** out… or emergency beheading!

*all out of likes, I’ll be back!


Welcome to the backyard @DJSF @ColeLennon camp chairs are in the garage next to the boat and beers and in the cooler on the patio, let’s watch the grass grow :joy::joy::v:t2::heart:


Hell ya :metal: :metal: :metal:


Try sliced cucumbers in created tinfoil bowl with a little bit of water


Why not just flop her? Teach her who’s boss n bring her to her knees. I had to flop my cinderevil when she kept growing into the lights.


@Rabeats2093 ive never heard of that before, the wife does have a garden full of cucumbers right now, might have to give that a shot

@ChronicMcBudz i usually SCROG my outdoor plants, trying out staking them this year to see how I like it, we can typically get some real gnarly wind storms and that meristem is already threatening to grow past the stake length so I’d be doubly worried about an in-secured branch getting ripped off, that’s why I was thinking about the chop instead of the flip, but all options remain on the table for taking that beast


It deff had a profound impact on the slugs in our garden all in all the Brussels sprouts look much healthier deff work a shot i think


Quick update on the gals here: last night they got thier first treatment of spinosaid to help with whatever is munching the leaves on em both. Earlier last week they both got a top dress of kelp, alfalfa and crustacean meal, as well as some EWC and a fresh layer of straw mulch to get them through to the start of flower. Once they kick in I’ll top dress some fish bone meal and probably give them a couple waterings of some fish hydrolysate to give them the boost they’ll need. Both these girls are looking massive. The PKxUHP is a gnarly bush and the Stop Lights is well over 6-7ft tall, snapped a pulled back photo of the two of em next to one another to show the size differences. Chugging along over here. I love chilling on the patio being able to look up the hill at these gals doing thier thing. I certainly like the staked plants better aesthetically as opposed to having a scrog over them like I typically do, we’ll see how these end up over all, my only concern will be the overall height when it gets to be fall time and I need to throw a tarp over them during nasty weather, but whatever, we’re getting it in one way or another. Here’s some shots:

I’m thinking once they start to flower I’ll do one more big leaf strip to make sure there’s ample airflow for when the bud sets come i , beyond that I’m just letting em cruise right now. Hope everyone is staying cool out there, it’s a scorcher here, looking forward to fall time for cooler temps, opportunities to get back on my mountain bike, better fishing, and of course for those beautiful buds to set in. Love to all of you out there my OG brothers and sisters. Be good :v:t2::v:t2::call_me_hand:t2::heart:


@minitiger heres the log for this years outdoor dude, slow in updates lately but hoping to pick up the pace when flowering gets underway


Sweet! Thanks, dude!


those look stellar man :metal: :metal: :metal:

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:triumph: how’d I miss this…
good vibes bro! Can’t wait to watch that stop lights. I am currently in decision mode for next round and want to run something of Johnny’s :thinking::thinking:


@minitiger slowly getting my act together, welcome to the thread bud!

@ColeLennon thank you! All credit goes to the breeders, app I’ve done so far is not kill them haha

@BeagleZ good to see you brother, definitely take a look through johnnys gear, the stop lights is a beast, got a cut of her in the veg tent and she just does not want to stay small, haha. High hopes for that one