How does the Co-op Boxes work

About the Seed Runs Co-op :four_leaf_clover: :

Seed Runs Co-op is a collective effort to preserve rare and discontinued genetics and keep them available to our members free of charge. We want to honor the hard work of past cannabis breeders and sacrifices by freely sharing and preserving their work so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we all do now. It is community-driven and non-commercial activity of breeders, seed producers, testers, and all growers of Overgrow.

:busts_in_silhouette: You need to be at least a Member (trust level 2) to participate in Seed runs Co-op category. More info about trust levels.

:busts_in_silhouette: The sign -up is first come first served. You get one slot per person. That means if you sign up YOU CAN NOT SIGN UP OTHERS.

:busts_in_silhouette: Do not overright anybody in the wiki sign-ups

How Seed Runs Co-op work here on Overgrow?

Seeds are mailed out twice a year in the Spring and the Fall, depending on when each seed run is complete. Spring and Fall boxes are separated and distributed by country.

Seeds sent to distributors between October and March will ship in April and seeds sent between April and September will ship in October, provided there are strains available to ship at this time. Eligible members pay only the cost of shipping and packaging, the seeds are absolutely free. Should there be any monies left over after distribution, it will be donated to the Overgrow server fund.

:speaking_head: The preservation runs will be accessible to level 2+ members - In each journal, we’ll have 2 numbered lists…1 for level 3 and 1 for level 2 members, so in the event of a limited seed count level 3 members shall come 1st.

:arrow_right: (Permissions and trust levels are explained here in detail) :lock:

:pushpin: Rule: Only 1 seed pack per strain per person.
:pushpin: Rule Only 1 slot per person, DO NOT SIGN UP OTHERS
:pushpin: Rule Do not overwrite in the wiki.

:arrow_right: (How to sign-up for a co-op seed run)
:arrow_right: (How to find your Trust level)

Breeders :

Each breeder needs to have their co-op grows pre-approved. Non approved grows fall under individual grow. The difference is that approved can use co-op infrastructure with all benefits (please read below in the Distributor section).

In each journal, Place this thread in the OP and when ready, at flip recommended, there will be 150 numerical sigh ups. There will be 2 numbered lists. There will be 75 slots for level 3 members, 75 slots for level 2 members. … so in the event of a limited seed count level 3 members shall come 1st. …1st come 1st served depending upon your member status. :arrow_right: (How to sign-up for a co-op box)

:left_speech_bubble: Tip: When you create your Wiki for your co op seed run, can you please include a message advising members to add their country after their username on the sign up list. This will save distributors a lot of time working out seed pack numbers and if any new members have not advised their distributor their shipping details, it can be seen quickly.

Members :

You don’t know your trust level? Check this out.
(How to find your Trust level)

All package prices are in USD, unless noted otherwise and determined by your regional postage costs plus 2 dollars USD per seed strain to cover costs of packaging and mailing to distributors as needed with any excess balance going to OverGrow server costs.

US members make a payment to the @Sebring’s OG member only page staring the 2nd week of April and September. $6 + $2 per strain (Or if updated otherwise)

NON US members - Once all the seeds are received by distributor, along with the sign-up sheets, each member makes a payment to their distributor based on local postal rates + US $2 per strain to Sebring’s member only page.

Aus: New Distributor Needed
Canada: @DougDawson ; 13 for tracked and 3 for untracked + 2 per each strain
Europe & Africa: @Swe-can will send a PM with local currency
Latin America: @Vertebrata; 8 for tracked and 3 for untracked + 2 per each strain
UK: @Gaz29; will send a PM with local currency.

Distributors :

Distributors can accept all co-op seed runs, Freaker overflow runs and Auctions/Contests to raise funds for the server from breeders and to package if needed.

:warning: Individual seed run breeders will have to package and send out their strains to the distributors. :warning:

@G-paS can accept all co-op seed runs
@DougDawson can accept Canadian seed runs
@Gaz29 can accept UK seed runs.
@Swe-can can accept Europe & African seed runs

Each distributor receives/makes a copy of the lists by end of March and September to know how much to collect from members in their area and give those members an opportunity to pass on a strain to go to a specific member, towards a periodic server fundraiser, auctions/contest.

:arrow_right: (Permissions and trust levels are explained here in detail)
:arrow_right: (How to sign-up for a co-op box)
:arrow_right: (How to find your Trust level)


I am going to add a tutorial for the actual signing up!

How to sign-up for the BOX
A)You must have signed up for at least one Co-op seed run.
How to sign up for a co-op seed run
B)When the notice is posted on the site go to the DYI site thru the member link
DIY Green Life
C)Log in at DIY if you have an account, register if you like, or place your order for this box as a Guest.

1)Click on the shipping button
2)Then click on add to cart

3)Click on Proceed to View cart
4)Add your donations for seeds
4-1. Enter your donation by typing it in the field that says “Ex. 100” Calculate it by multiplying your number of strains you are eligible for by $2.00 each. Feel Free to add any additional donation to support this OG project.

4-2. Click the “Add Donation to Cart” button (this is important!)
4-3. Click proceed to checkout

5)Enter safe information.

  • Safe mailing name
  • Safe mailing address
  • Safe email address if you’d like a receipt
  • YOUR Overgrow USER NAME where prompted – VERY IMPORTANT
    A) Safe mailing name
    B) Safe mailing address

6)Select payment method and proceed as instructed.