How do I sign up for a co-op Seed Run

How Do I sign-up for a Co-op Run?

:one: Read the top post on each Run. It contains links to answer your question

:two: Go the bottom, right corner of that post and look for the pencil. If there isn’t a pencil/edit option, it either hasn’t been opened up yet or has been closed to signing up.

:three: Go to your TL level(member TL2 or regular/regular emeritus TL3) and look for a number without a name, skip a space after the . add you name, skip a space add your country flag after your name.
You can add your flag different ways.
!. Type a :type your county When it comes up click on it.
2.Type :flag
Spaces matter in the formatting


:four: Click the save edit at the bottom

If you get ANY message STOP and cancel your edit.

This is very an important step and will keep you from overwriting a fellow OG’er and costing them their spot. If you overwrite another person you will be removed.

:five: Only sign your self up. If you sign up others both/all names will be removed.


:orange_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle: :brown_circle: :black_circle:

:warning: :warning: :warning:

***WARNING THE RULES WILL BE ENFORCED BY REMOVING USERS WHO VIOLATE THE ABOVE AND THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTISIPATE IN THE RUN! People whose names have been added to the list by others without their knowledge can still sign up themselves. ***

How do I know what Trust Level I am?

How do I know my trust level.

Go to your profile summary. Click on Expand in top right corner.


In the status row you will see “Trust level”.

  • Member means trust level 2.
  • Regular means trust level 3.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 0.21.56 .

:arrow_right: (Permissions and trust levels are explained here in detail)

About the Seed Runs Co-op :four_leaf_clover: :

Seed Runs Co-op is a collective effort to preserve rare and discontinued genetics and keep them available to our members free of charge. We want to honor the hard work of past cannabis breeders and sacrifices by freely sharing and preserving their work so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we all do now. It is community-driven and non-commercial activity of breeders, seed producers, testers, and all growers of Overgrow.

Read more here: How does the Co-op Boxes work


Please let me know when the next sign up starts please or if you can tag me so it will give me a heads up that it’s open would help too.

Signup for what? If you follow a run and have it on watch you will get an alert when something happens. It would be a logistical nightmare for distributors to be tagging individual users for sign ups and if you are following the thread then it would not be needed. I will say the Holy Smoke Seeds Peshawar Afghan Coop Seed Run went live today.


Like Doug said. Follow the voting thread where new strains are voted on. The OP show all current approved strains. Then you can follow those. The growers are required to put up a sign-up at the time of flip to flower.

Now if you mean on the sight on DYI site. I will post a new thread. Keep an eye on new threads tab.

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I was talking about the fall boxes and spring boxes, sorry

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There is no box to sign up for bud. You sign up for individual runs. Those runs are sent out twice a year in the spring and fall box so if you sign up for a run, you will get the spring or fall box with the run or runs you signed up for.


I see thanks for confirming that, I thought there was a different group that o didn’t know about.

You sign-up for the individual co-op seed runs. In the next few days you will be able to sign up/check out for the box containing all those individual runs.

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@Big_Yeloe this has some more info about them.

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Thanks for sending me this