Considering an outdoor run this coming spring

Any pointers? I’ve got a wooded area with a big clearing behind my yard. No foot traffic back there either not visible from the road. Thinking 10-15 Bruce Banners in 15 gallon fabric pots(ground is thick with roots and its probably a bad idea for someone with diabetes and a seizure disorder to go digging alone in the woods.

Not sure how much soil I’ll need or if it requires mixing with vermiculite/perlite. Was thinking ff happyfrog to start and moving up to Ocean forest after the first or second transplanting.


I got abig bag of perlite some coast of maine compost and just some plain ol top soil dirt i use generic fertilzer and flower bloom w cal mag just a lil of that i ph my water to 6.2 this is what i ended up withIMG_20201119_080451



I would only transplant once IMHO from red solos to there final grow bags i
want to disturbe roots as little as possible but thats just me

Peace out and stay safe


If you can get your hands on Coast of Maine Stonington Blend, you WON’T need ANYTHING else…just water. Good Luck, take care, stay EXTRA safe and, kndeed, be well…mister :honeybee:


I just use one of their compost mixes

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Amd as soon as i get back.up there ill have a amd goto the source and get all i need plus plain ol cow manuer from one or 2 of the dairy farms

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how much weed you looking to grow?

how much are you thinking you would like to get from each plant?

it all about how you grow and what you want/need

I grew a shit ton of plants outside this year and sweated the load

next far far less plants but much much bigger ones is in order for me

be safe and grow well



Do you have a water source nearby or are you running irrigation? Takes a lot to water 150 to 275 gallons of soil! I too am contemplating some outdoor Jack Herrer. Always wanted to years ago, going to make it happen this year if I find the right place.

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Ideally over 10-15lbs total. Its close enough to a water source and we usually get a good amount of rain here too.


around 100 to 150 wet or so

problem is a 15 gallon pot can get small fast outside

close water is nice :slight_smile: watering three times a day even if it is close can suck ass ;(

if the pot is black or breaths well it will dry out faster

in the wind or sun

all things to keep in mind



rain does not water pots well at all unless you plan on it

27 gallon plastic totes from HomeDepot with holes cut in drainage

it could rain all day and you would still need to water your plants

just not so much

peace D.


What is humidity like? BB are chunky solid and where I am very prone to bud rot… but it’s nearly 100% humidity here a lot of the time…

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great point outside it is hard to control

pots can be nice if they can be moved

you can put them in for the night and out for the day

be safe


It does get pretty hot and humid here during the summer. 90+ degrees and around 80% humidity.

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I know when i get back.up to maine i will have a greenhouse not to big but just big enuf :thinking: :shushing_face:

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I too have used the 27 gallon totes to good results!

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Outdoor pointers.

Do NOT do this. :peace_symbol:

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what about aerial traffic?

i say skip the soil amendment; if there’s a forest there it has everything it already needs, IMO.

:evergreen_tree: jus sayin


I know herein New York (not grow friendly) this year I did not see

anything in the air and I was watching pretty hard

as I had a couple of Federal Felonies worth plants outside

peace and be well



Shit if ya got undisturbed land to plant on give your native soil a chance you might actually be surprised also what it can do (no/till) plus it would be a hell of lot less worrying about water needs Mulch it up good with local leaves and your good to go!


Exactly !!!