Why does my outdoor always suck

Sup og, heres my sorry outdoor plot. I feel as if they’re not doing as good as they could be . Maybe it’s just me. But with the time that’s left in season I figured they should be bigger.

my mix is simply peat,compost, perlite, bold and bone meal, gypsum, allpurpose, and soil builders craft blend. Just watering and will start kelp meal top dress tomorrow.


Those look ok to me, man. They look healthy, at least. You could try giving them a bigger pot or plant them in beds with more root real estate if you’re looking for more size. And remember they will stretch as they transition into flower, too.


I agree with @Morbidly_OG they look fine. They will take off. Giving them the kelp will help.


They look good to me. If you want bigger plants try veg indoors for a month or two, then put them outside when your grow season starts.


Wanna trade lmao


I think their looking great my guess is that they’re just not getting enough light looks as if theIr in the nooks and crannies of the houses shadows. I have one exactly like 1.5 feet out my north back patio door


It just a cloud cast passing, its actually the spot that gets the most light , with all the dome over growth from trees. Its literally like a stadium. And they’re on the 50 yard line. They’re in 11gal pots. Except for blk dom×super skunk. 5gal, then its gmo/ss, marauder, pink animal crackers/oregano huckleberry, hong Kong phooey, sour bubble/skunk, and zkittles s1.


Thats how most of mine have looked outside lately


Here are some of my outdoor plants.

They are 7 weeks old. 15 to 16 inches.


I myself prefer outdoor over indoor.
Your plants don’t look too bad…certainly not sucky.
I suspect as @Tinytuttle mentioned, that they would benefit from more direct sunlight.
I am curious as to when you put them outside, and how many hours of direct sunlight they receive in your “dome”?


ditto on @Calyxander & @Tinytuttle’s observations, but my reactions were:

  • container size - roughly 10g of container for 1lb of harvest

  • strains/cuts - why pheno-hunting is a hunt & why truly “elite” clones are worth good money

But indeed they don’t look mis-managed or under/over-fed or pH or bugs… (all the usual).

How good is the drainage on the bottoms(i.e. did you put a drainage layer)? This seems to have greatly improved my container gardening but admittedly am inclined to over-water. :blush: :wink:

It looks like some at least are clones that did the flip-flop flower-reveg (mine too)?

Pinching/pruning the leading growth tip will create more branching at nodes…have you tried anything like that?


Check out this Jorge video; it’s what got me growing instead of dreaming:



Well they are facing south, and not sure but would guess from 7 to 9 hrs give or take. The sour bubble/skunk doesn’t look it but with container is 6 feet tall. I can say they are shaded from the north as there a building there lined against. Sour bubble/skunk, maurader, blk dom/ss, pac/oh were out since end of April and started to flower, but hhp,zittles, gmo/ss have been out since last of may I believe. @cannabissequoia yes I have indeed pinched all tops on all branches.:sweat_smile:


Here ya go @Organic visual on netting some monsters!


So many good pointers in this vid thanks for sharing @cannabissequoia! Ya just gotta love Jorge Cervantes!


Those all look to be pretty sizeable plants and those containers should be big enough for them to grow a little more before they start their flowering cycle.

10+ hours of direct sunlight would be more ideal than what they’re actually receiving, but they’ll do just fine with what they’re getting. You’ll have a nice harvest in a few months time!


put them plants in the ground will make a big difference… next year


If I could have, I would have for sure


I used to use two gallon containers for ease of moving frequently, in order to follow the sun throughout the day. I always try to give my plants direct sunlight as much as possible.
I have recently mostly downsized my containers to puny ⅔ of a gallon, and they are very easy for me to move around.
Yield is inconsequential for me, I am more concerned with variety and quality. The more sun, the better.

From when I used only two gallon containers. Paradise Seeds Belladonna,

More recently 2/3 gallon, puny, but very portable containers …I can carry 4 at once easily.

Anyway, you should be fine letting things finish up as you have them. They will get bigger as they enter flowering phase coming up soon.
Best of luck with a bumper crop!


Wow! Definitely huge plants!!


Container size can be limiting but you can fit a lot of roots in one container if your medium can handle more frequent waterings.