Curidor - who's tried it?

@yardgrazer Yes, we have big tanks of Argon, don’t use too much of it, but a welding supply store would be much cheaper. And if you’ve got your own tank, filling it is real cheap.


$17.50 for .41 ounces is crazy expensive.
I pay less than that for a 20# tank. Argon isn’t really a specialty gas.
Welders use it, window makers use it, and charge an exorbitant amount for “Argon filled” insulated units. Their markup is somewhere in the 1,500% range, and really doesn’t do anything for the window, but a salesman will push it as the “latest & greatest” It does nothing, no added R value, no UV blocking, but they’ll spin a story about what it does, when the desiccant does all the work.