Danky Bank Stock

Hey guys and gals,

Wanted to introduce the Danky Bank.
Please follow us on instagram @TheDankyBank

At the moment we only vend clones and a couple of seed breeders.
Bodhi Seeds
Dynasty Genetics
Elite Clone only’s

And am in the process of getting stock from these breeders/seed company’s:
Tropical Seeds
DJ and JB Short’s Old World Genetics
ACE Seeds
and others that we are in early stages of talks with.
Feel free to suggest breeders and companies you would like to see at the Danky Bank!

So without further ado…
here’s our current list!

Danky Bank STOCK!

Current clone list: (need advanced notice to cut, bc some are about to go in flowering and their clones won’t be mother size to take clones in 2 months, so order cuts soon. These vary in price. But most are $30 unrooted and $60 rooted. Plus a $12 clone shipper and the overnight shipping. Always work deals on multiples. Some are more, some less. Some come with agreements not to share and or breed with. Thanks.


NYCD Diesel (Soma’s- Ruby Red Grapefruit)
Banana Kush
Cherry Lime Haze
Fainting Goat (Golden Goat x Durban Poison)
Fire OG
Indiana Bubblegum 1991
Moonshine Haze
Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mint
Girl Scout Cookies - Forum cut
Dragons Blood Hashplant (RedBlood Hawaii)
Dragons Blood Hashplant (indica G13/HP dom)
Ancient OG (Iranian pheno)
Durban Punch (Tropical Seeds pure Amazing)
CO Durban
HP4 (Chem Dawg #4 x Hashplant)
Silver Lotus (6 Phenos. Super Silver Haze x Snow Lotus)
Lemon Lotus (Ohio Lemon G x Snow Lotus
Sakura (4 phenos) Katsu Bubba x Wookie
Bruce#3xApollo 11 (2 phenos)
Purple Pappy (grape jelly pheno not ready yet)
Jager (3 phenos)


Comic Book Genetics:

(Afwreck x Afgooey/Rez Sour Diesel)F2
Bred by myself, SwampThing, think hashy sour lemon head and sweet sweet crude oil… 8-10week flower time.
Limited time max 1 seed pack
$40 per 6 pack

Haterade Testers in 2012 Grown Outdoor and Indoor

*Every order of Haterade come with a free 10 pack of Snow Wookie x Apollo 11 f4 from my buddy Clankie at Golden Apple Seeds.

Dynasty Genetics:

Every Dynasty order comes with freebie Honey Badger Haze! (C99/White Widow x MsUniverse )

$60 per pack of 10-12 regular seeds:
Blue Coffin - 5 left
Crater Lake v5 - 4 left
Lovin’ Cup - 1 left

$80 per pack of 10-12 regular seeds:
Ms.Universe F2 - 3 left
Oregon Huckleberry 2015 IBL - 4 left
Platinum Huckleberry Cookies - 2 left
Caramel Candy Kush - 5 left
Megafauna - 1 left
Moose and Lobsta - 2 left
Birds of Paradise - 2 left

Bodhi Seeds $65 per pack:

Buy two packs and get a dank ass freebie!

Please don’t request freebies. Aside from the freebies from the breeder, at the Danky Bank we usually throw in something rare from our stash. Especially with larger orders! All we as is no requesting your freebies. More freebies should be here before the new year, as well.

Bodhi Freebies include -
Lemon Lotus:
Lemon G (Ohio cut) x Snow Lotus

Jamaican 88:
Jamaican Hashplant x 1988 G13/Hashplant

For the CBD lovers is a potent pain reliever
AC/DC x OMG (old mother 'ghani)

Bodhi Strains:
Goji Daydream (Goji OG x Sunshine Daydream)
Magenta Hashplant (RoadKillUnicornF2 X 88 G13/Hashplant)
the fuzz (chem 91 jb x appalachia)
prayer tower sativa (lemon thai sat x appalachia)
strange brew (bc sweet skunk x snow lotus)
black lotus (86 uw black hashplant x snow lotus)
drunken parrot (nl5 noof x sl)
super silver hashplant (ssh x 88g13/hp)
granola funk (gsc forum x wookie 15) formerly named disco biscuit
soraya (afkansastan x snow lotus)
neroli 91 (chem91 skunk va x wookie15)
purple wookie (purple unicorn f2 x wookie 15)
old school hash plant (pnw hashplant x 88g13hp
black raspberry (goji raspberry f2 x wookie 15)
lazy lightning (headband loompa x 88g13/hp)
blue sunshine (blue dream x sunshine daydream)
Heavenly hashplant (bubba katsu x 88g13/hp)
terpenado (strawberry milk x wookie 15)
lemon wookie (lemon diesel x wookie)
pinball wizard (ssh x wookie 15)
forest queen (strawberry milk x 88g13/hp) (low)
field trip (gsc forum x sunshine daydream)
sakura (bubba kush x wookie)
lavender aura (urkle x wookie)
Hells Angel og x Sunshine Daydream (ssdd)
strawberry sunshine (strawberry milk x sunshine daydream)(limited 20 per vendor)
raspberry sunshine (goji ran f2 x ssdd) (limited 10 per vendor)
mountain temple (temple x appalachia) (low)
clusterfunk (chem 91 jb x 88g13hp)
space cake (gsc forum x snow lotus)
dream lotus (Santa Cruz blue dream x snow lotus
Lavender Jack (vintage Jack Herer x Wookie)
drunken Parrot (NL#5 noof cut x Snow Lotus)

Please add $15 for taxes and S&H

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Website? How to order?

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I think I found it : http://yourthoughtsplease.in/cannabis/

edit : danky banks website is incomplete, disregard above link


Is there a code for overgrowers?

I dunno, i was just calling the Danky Bank, and no one picks up the phone. It’s 2.30pm tomorrow for them, so Wednesday and they say it’s open Mon-Fri. 7am-5pm.

I was gonna ask them if they ship to Costa Rica. I mean if you ship to the US, it’s a lot easier here, thru regular mail tracked.

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Website isn’t finished so disregard whatever you found
My main site is breedbay from where I originally know Bodhi but was originally on OG back in the day. Accept PayPal and Venmo located in Denver if anyone is in CO

Just PM for current list

Many people can vouch for me. Facebook group “Delta9 Again”


10-4 on 20.

Will you ship to Costa Rica, just regular mail tracked?

I buy seeds from people here and it always works out perfect.

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Whatever happened to the list and info???

Did someone erased it?

Yea was reported

Sry pm me
Not sure of rules here but old OG I was allowed to talk about seedbank


Here too. You can, and most people like it in fact. PM’d.


Are you selling Bodhi gear or making your own seed with his genetics?


Thanks bro but it’s not in English. Any help? Looks great!

@oleskool830 sorry man the owner said website isn’t complete so disregard that link … he provided his contact details in this thread u can PM him here @Swampthing is his name

We use the flagging system for our members to report post they feel are inappropriate. The single thing I like best about the flags are I may be ok with the post but others are not. We need to recognize what our members like and dislike for our community to grow.

I want everyone to know just because I don’t take action on all flagged posts, I do keep a close watch on this site and I will move swiftly when issues come up.


In any case, guys be careful not just here but everywhere with your hard earned money. If you do paypal, NEVER do Friends and Family to buy things. Use Goods and Services, there might be a little extra fee for that but you get 180 days buyer’s guarantee, in the event you get bogus seeds or something like that, PayPal gives you 6 months time to protect yourself. Thanks.


I am waiting to hear the answer to this question…


Bodhi and Dynasty official vendor in sealed packs


Also, /anyone know rules or which mod to talk to, to become an official site vendor and sponsor.

Also are there auctions here?




@LemonadeJoe is the admin to this site.


We don’t have any auctions, but after you talk to LJ and he approves it i think it shouldn’t be a problem.

BTW, in german “Thanks” is spelled Danke. I thought you said you like german language right.

Alles Gute, Tschuss!

I think you erased the menu from the post, can you please post it again, with all the info? THX.

Thanks for reaching to me… I’m cool with discussing your seed list. I’ve also sent you PM about possibility of cooperation as official sponsor.

I’ve moved this topic to more appropriate #trading-post and reverted back your post to show strain list again.

Thanks to @oranje for flagging the post. I appreciate his action, cause I think OG team should be aware of every topic that is commercial in nature. @Swampthing, please understand that we have to be wary especially in case of new members that lack reputation. The goal is to protect our members that associate OG with trust so that they don’t bump into some fraud. It is duty of OG team to warn them as stated in About Trading post / rules.

In general recommended approach is to

  • contact admin before registering to post commercial offer or
  • participate in discussion on other topics to help others, show interest in community and offer some knowledge before asking them to buy your goods.

Failing to use any of those two recommended approaches is legitimately percieved (and flagged) as spam. I think that is common to every forum / community on the net.