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Hey everybody,

I hope everybody is doing well in this chaotic moment and that the growth is with you!

I have been on a journey. One of self discovery, growth, and fire swamps. 12ish years ago i began looking for that awesome blueberry. After trying dutch passion and loving dj short blueberry i found myself craving something a little stronger. I tried then goldenseeds blue monster. That was a crushing blueberry leaning to the g13 in my experience. For some reason not enough.

I then heard about lonestar and texas resin company and the blue 13 and blue bonnet. My search began and i could not find them anywhere.

I finally caught up with the genetic. It is my understanding lonestar has passed , R.I.P. . Fortunately, texas kid and tk beans have kept the blue 13 line going.

So far, i have been able to get indian larry and ultimate blue. I had some trouble starting the beans but got a few passed the starting point. Only to have my hand nerve, tendon, joint issues cause a couple seed fatalitys. Heartbreaking.

Luckily a few survived 1 runt, 1 male, and i believe 1 female based on presex. I will confirm shortly.

The runt has been discarded and the other 2 have started to presex. These 2 have shown incredible vigor. They are both so fragrant that my veg area smells like flower.

I put them in a flower light cycle for a week and the male formed the largest pollen sacks.

I just took some cuts from both the male and female for a breeding run. Judging by stature, smell, and vigor in veg these are gonna be amazing. I will follow soon with some pics.

Does anybody have experience or pics to share related to the texas resin company, lonestar, tk kid, tk beans, blue13 or indian larry? Love to see pics or source more info, check out any tips…


I had 2 Blucherries beans (blueberry x cherry hp) that it looks like we’re never released based on info Lonestar posted about them, but got a couple through my FIL and his crazy bean collection. Only 1 germed and just showed pistils. I also have access to a pack of Heavenly Klingon from TRC. Good luck and if you would like a cut and are in the US I could send you one when I take clones.


Here she is so far


That is awesome!

Yes, i am in US and interested. Thanks for the offer - Good lookin out! If interested Maybe a trade? Keep me posted…

Once i confirm the indian larry is female or i also have the ultimate blue running. I am gonna keep the male larry for a bit too - great vigor, smells without stem rub, and giant pollen sacs. I am definetly running f2s and crosses!


Lookin’ good. has the phat leaves on her like one of my Triangle hybrids. Super fat leaves on one of my TK x Double OG Sour (RebelGrown seeds) seedplants

Heres a totally diff Triangle pheno I have:

Triangle X Double OG Sour (pic 2 weeks old) pheno #2
Good luck on your TK @YoungDad420. This is my first go around with growing TK. appears to be a late Oct finishing plant. slightly smaller flowers than most right now. I dont think they dig my cold night temps here either.
Ive not even smoked the TK yet. I think that the TK is still fairly scarce here in Canada, I havent heard of any Canuck peeps running it locally. Im running it outdoors whereas it prolly prefers indoors this far north. We’ll see how she finishes and smokes first before I can give decent feedback on it.


Hey bro those are some nice girls!

Just a heads up i dont mean this in the mean internet scoldy way but i think you were referring to triangle kush.

We were chatting about tk beans as in texas kid not triangle kush. You are welcome to stay and hangout i just didnt want you to expect a triangle kush discussion.

If interested xseedco has tk beans i am pretty sure they are in canada. These indian larry plants i could see going 10+ feet outside, huge yielders, and are super stinky in veg! Also i am gonna run f2s.

Anyhow feel free to hangout, chill, to the next episode, and may the growth be with you!


lmao, ok then. that one went right over my head… apparently lols
I caught the play now. i got ya.
Yea i remember TX Kid from Gypseys old seed auction forum; IC Mag forums etc.
never messed with any of his gear tho. Id see him the forums posting and discussing cannabis. My net connection was dial-p then so I didnt hang there too long. TX Kid seemed like a good guy. RIP TX Kid.


@silverhaze Texas Kid is still doing his thing. It is Lonestar who has passed. Both good guys from my limited interactions.

@HeadyMcDank I am very interested in your run and F2s, as I definitely recall TRC very fondly. I wish you well with your run! Positive vibes…



Thanks bro - i will keep updating as my projects progress… i might be able to share some clones before the seed projects as i have a few other seed projects already in the works… if you are interested - let me know …running a cherry west male now in 2nd week going 9… he is about to have a good ol time… then next the plan is whipped cherries if cherries do not root and the larrys do then i will wait on whipped cherries and do larry… that maybe tmi and if so my apologies! Haha…

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Happens to the best of us we are glad you stopped by and those girls look amazing!

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ah, Lonestar. Ok.
If I remember right, Lonestar was a mod on a board I used to frequent. Breedbay maybe?
Old OG board poss?
Thats too bad
shitty deal.


Man I used to grow with some of those genetics back in day in Texas. I would love to trade, or, buy some frim you Iam in the US.


Nice man, i will keep this forum posted for when i have some beans ready.

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this the same texas kid that hangs or used to hang with classic?


I do not know. I am not familiar with classic that is a new one on me. I know texas kid just from chasing the texas resin company lonestar blue 13 lines.

Somebody may be able to hopefully chime in… there are definetetly a ton of knowledgeable cool folk lurking about!


Indian larry flower tester in 3.5 inch square pot at 3 weeks flower. She is a beautifully, stinky, smelly beast


I appreciate the update brother! I am still very interested in these! Positive vibes…


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