Decarbing for Vape Liquid

I started vaping, a while back, to get off the “cancer sticks”. Was the best decision I ever made. There is one problem, though, because of this, I really don’t like smoking weed. I have made some vape liquid, and it its good, but it just tastes like WEED. Before, when I was smoking weed casually, I used to love to discover the subtle flavors and smells of different strains (unlike 30 years ago, when as a kid, I just wanted to get high). Now, I am guessing because of decarbing, I am losing all those flavors and have to resort to adding vape flavors to it if I want any.

The question I have is, because I am steeping the bud in VG/PG for 2-3 hours at 180-200 degrees (F), do I really need to decarb before hand? Wouldn’t the “cooking” process do the conversion for me?

It really sucks as I had some CBD Hash that was chock full of Limonene that was incredible to smell (and probably would have tasted fantastic) but ended up smelling like burnt grass after decarb.


You actually can get the terpenes separately… those are what give the individual tastes and smells


Be sure to give this thread a good read.

Most of the answers show up somewhere.

Flavor is an interesting topic.

De-Carbing will release some of the volatile terpenes.

Have you tried vaporizing bud?

These guy are among the best available.


I have thought of that, but it is kinda the same as adding vape flavors to it, which is a heck of a lot cheaper and I already have. I wanted to try to keep the ones in what I am growing.

I started to look through the tincture thread, but my eyes glassed over after about an hour…

I did look into it, but couldn’t find anything under a hundred and I have the other stuff already.

Not the same as adding vape flavors at all… it adds flavor, but terpenes are so much more than that…

If you want to extract the flavor with the rest, the best way to do it is CO2 extraction, iirc both butane and obviously alcohol solvent methods don’t extract the terpenes with it… which is why you get the bleh taste

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No need to decarb unless you plan to eat it. The coil will get it hot enough to activate the THC.

Edit to add the best tasting e-liquid I ever made was a glycerin extraction that was 90 days in a cool dry place with occasional shaking. The glycerin tasted/vaped just like the flower. Makes me want to make more…


I was going to try a “Long Steep” this next time I made some, but I think I will do a little of both as a test and see which is better.

Depending on your preference there are definitely options, if you went the dry herb route there are definitely setups out there for less than $100(hell less than $50 ) that work just fine. As for liquid, if you had wax concentrates you could always either make your own emulsifier or use a premade product like shatter batter or terpenes.

I had a dry herb vaporizer that I bought for about $60. It lasted about 3 months before it died. It worked okay, just not great. I just don’t want to spend a small fortune when I already have stuff to vape with. I want to try to do with what I have first. I may try to pick up some terpenes if I have to. It’s a moot point at the moment as I am taking a med that I can’t partake at the moment, so hopefully @ReikoX’s suggestion works out as I have the time for a nice long steep with the bud I have on hand.

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