Denver / Colorado Clone and Seed trades

To Admins/Moderators: If this is the wrong way to do this or if there’s something I need to post here please let me know.

Hey guys,

I know we’re still a small community but I was hoping maybe there’s already some people in the Denver metro or Colorado area on here that are interested in trading clones and/or seeds.

I’d say as a general rule of thumb we should be able to guarantee no bugs or pm issues with clones and with seeds at least be upfront with whatever you know about them. Bugs are a biggy though, I don’t care how good your strain is, if I get any kind of pest from it it will never be worth the trouble so please keep karma in mind and if you’re not 100% sure you’re bug free please don’t try to trade. In my opinion, that would also include if you had bug problems and just recently sprayed a week or so ago and called it good, that personally wouldn’t work for me. I say bug/pest free should mean at least a month of absolutely no bug issues. :+1:

With that out of the way, here are the stains in clone form I currently have but I may not have them all ready at the same time so you’ll have to ask what I have at the time. As time goes on I’ll update my list with new strains and hopefully add descriptions of each one.

Super Lemon Haze
Holy Grail Kush
Gorilla Glue #4
Pineapple Express
Critical + (plus)
Purple Voodoo
Lucky Charms
Glass Slipper
Charlottes Web



You’re all good… carry on.


the real charlettoes web the full cb strain

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That’s what I was told, I have 4 flowering now… weirdest looking strain I have by far! I can take pics when the light comes on tonight.

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Here are a few pics of the charlottes Web I have. She has a very odd structure and leaf deformities, I know there’s a name for leaves that look like this but I can’t remember it…

Ooooh. Can’t wait til I have clones to trade again!
Very nice stable @Pazzo

Anyone who trades clones carrying pests shall be labeled a herpes spreader as their title. Lol. Jk, but that might work, eh?

Stay Hazed,


I would love some of those gens…

aren’t trifoliate with birthmark a OG Kush specific trait ?
saw this on a endless OG thread on ICM…

@Blowingupjake I totally agree lol… all it takes is one damn bug to fuck everything up, I need to keep up more with preventative measures tho but there’s so many things that can getcha it’s hard to fight em all.

I generally don’t trade strains if I haven’t grown them out to full maturity yet I forgot to mention. I’ve grown them all but haven’t had a fully successful grow with the critical + or charlottes Web because of bugs but that should be changing in about 6 weeks. :wink::+1:

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I’ve seen it on a few strains so maybe they were crosses with it too and maybe the charlottes web has a small OG presence too we don’t know about lol I dunno

Og’s tend to throw three finger leafs yes I know charlottes web grows kinda twisted

What’s up guys?

Looking through a small group of GSC s1 and true og. Cross your fingers i find a keeper!

Stay Hazed neighbors,

Yo yo …Im also in Denver let’s trade seeds

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My beauty and I’m her beast…lol


Pretty girl…well done !

Come on guys, I expect this Colorado thread to start jumping!

I’ve got some seeds I want to trade with some neighbors.

Maybe some MNS Critical Mass? If that doesn’t tickle your fancy I can open the vault and see what else is in there being perpetually ignored…

Let’s keep this state OverGrowing!

Stay hazed,


I’m in denver too! Holler!

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I love MNS! Are those in the pack and a full pack? Also, regs or fems?

I’m interested in trading some beans!

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Hi @Swampthing.
I buy all my MNS gear from their auction site. The unbelievable discount has one downside, I never receive the market packaging. The seeds arrive in a more convenient package for shipping instead. :slight_smile:

I have part of the pack left, maybe 8. These particular seeds are from 2015 and are non feminized.

PM me and we can discuss further!

Stay hazed neighbor,

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@Blowingupjake @Swampthing @Pazzo @Uncledad I’m in the fort Collins area (Wellington) when I get more experience I might be interested need to work on my cloning techniques!