Dicks Bubble Tent

Instead of starting a new journal every grow, I’ve decided to keep them in one place.

Welcome to Dicks Bubble Tent!


4x4x8 tent
Air cooled 1000w MH/HPS in an 8" glass tube
DWC buckets - 2 stones per bucket
2 4" fans pumping cool air into the tent
1 small 8" fan hanging in the corner of the tent
2 small humidifiers used as needed. Sometimes my house gets crazy dry.
I also run an air conditioner in the grow room


This run is 2 x Purple Kush and 1 Blueberry x OG. Both from Cropking Seeds

Temps were real hot the first week of the grow, up to 28.C. I had to move the room everything was set up in so it took my awhile to get the ducting all done. Now they sitting at a cool 24 during the day dropping to 16 at night.

Humidity sits around 40 during the day and goes up to 60 at night with the help of a cool mist humidifier.

Been feeding the one on the right Advanced Nutrients. The other 2 have been on General Hydroponics. Haven’t noticed any real difference in growth so I’m probley just going to switch them all to AN.

They’ve been in the buckets for 2ish weeks right now. I never marked when I started them and now all I’ve got is a close guess. I topped them two nights ago.

Had some brown build up on the roots of the PK plant using AN. Also found a chunk of plastic from the bucket wrapped up in them.

Was able to rinse off and they actually came out looking pretty good.

The other PK are off to a great start also


Following this one, I also run dwc but with led. Continued success bud :smiley::+1:


Also following, I made my own bubble buckets with 4 inch air stones on a 32 watt pump but feel it’s not enough air to all 6 buckets. You seem far more knowledgeable than I am lol I am going to DM you so I don’t bombard your thread



Hey thanks for stopping by!

I’m glad to hear i come off knowledgeable, but I’m still a rookie myself buddy! Although, my last couple grows have produced some FIRE bud lol.

I recommend starting your own diary! People on OG are great for advice and recommendations, or even just encouragement.

The reason I keep diarys on here, is mostly to provide my future self with a recipe to follow as I progress. You can look back and compare grows at different stages, what worked, what didn’t, etc. They are a huge help.


@Qtip appreciate the support! Feel free to critique! I’m always looking to improve!


I am no one to critique, very much a student myself!


Wednesday is the day I picked to count my weeks by. I’m not exactly sure the day I got them going so its my best guess.

Which makes today the start of week 4.

TEMPS: 24C daytime 16C nighttime 16-20C water
HUMIDTY: 40 daytime 60 nighttime
PH: 5.8
EC: going up to 1.3 today, been at 1.2 the last week.

Might make a bigger jump in EC next week. I think I’m still low, I made a batch following the instructions on the AN bottle and it came back EC1.8 for week 4 which I think Is too high for this point.

The girls have recovered from the topping. I’ve noticed some slight curling of the leaf tips but nothing major. Lower shoots are coming up nicely. Probley put the net in at the end of this week.


Hey guys. Been getting these brown spots on lower fan leafs. All the new growth seems fine. And there are more brown spots on the plant that has been on Avanced Nutriante longer than the other two. Not sure if that may have something to do with it.

Theyve been very gradual in developing.

Any help is appreciated.


Looks to me like the plant is using the nutrients on those older shaded leaves. As long as the rest of the plant looks okay, I wouldn’t stress over it.


@ReikoX the rest of the plant looks awesome. I guess that would have made my earlier assumption of being low on the nutes last week correct. I upped to EC1.5 a few days ago. Maybe the browning will stop now.

Thanks a lot!!!


4 weeks(ish)

Everything the same but bumped nutes to 1.6 on the PKs. The BBOG is a little lower at 1.4. Also starting to supplement with AN b52

Hope to fill the screen a little more, trim and flip to 12 12 in the next 10 days or so.

The two PKs are hauling ass.

Disappointed with the BBxOG so far. A slow grower looks kinda awkward. But well see i guess. Probley going to move it to the corner to make room for the big PK on the right.

Group shot


5 weeks tomorrow.

Everything the same. Some very slight nute burn on some leaf tips so I haven’t moved EC up.

Made the hard choice and decided to kill off the BB OG.
The PKs were twice the size. Also I had that one in like a 10 or 12" net pot. Its all they had at the hydro store, i figured I’d give it a try. Total pain in the ass because there was no way to tell what was happening in the bucket with out lifting the plant right out. The 6" pots have lots of room to slide the lid to the side and peek in. So with the scrog net it was a no go.

Lesson learned.

The PKs got their last screen training today. I’m going to let them recover for a couple days, give them a good trim and then flip to 12/12 probley at the 6 week mark.

Pre screen train

Post screen train

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Gave them a hard trim 2 days ago. The recovery has been insane. Almost have to trim them again before floweing.

Currently feeding
AN trio with b52 total 1.5 EC
Will be stopping the B52 for awhile on Monday and starting voodoojuice and big bud for the next 2 weeks

Flipping 12/12 on Monday




Week 6 — 3 days into flower

Going to move my diary updates to Mondays to mark flowering weeks.

I flipped to 12/12 Sunday night.

These PKs have bounced back like crazy from the trim i gave them a week ago. I’m going to have to trim them again to combat all this growth.

Pretty nervous about trimming during flowering cycle but I don’t think I have much choice. Way too much shade in the canopy currently.


1 week into flower

Temps: 23C day/16C night

EC: left bucket - 1.5 right bucket - 1.6 (smaller plant on the left I’ve been keeping EC lower)

Nutes: 3 equal parts AN trio. 2 half parts Big Bud & Bud Candy. Didnt end up going with voodoo juice as my hydro store told me its been discontinued in Canada?

PH: 5.8 thanks to AN nutes.

Humidity: 40-50

Been having to add water daily. These PK are drinking way more than the blue cookies did on the last grow. I think that’s why I’ve had to keep EC lower. They just drink so fast.

Should also note I gave them a smaller trim a few days into 12/12. Really gotta make sure I be ruthless next grow during last week of VEG. They are still way bustier then I would have liked.

The one on the right has stretched like crazy. The plant on the right also stretched on the last grow. I’m wondering if it is because of the lower light provided on that side, ive been looking at charts about the way a bulb throws light. I think I’m going to try putting the plants side by side the other way next grow and see what happens.

All healthy and starting to bud well.

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Big day in the tent.

The girl on the left stretched until I had my light maxed out and the tops were almost touching it.

I consulted the plant problems section of OG and the guys there helped me come up with a plan

I added a second screen over the first one and folded any high branches over and weaved some through the netting as I moved it down to about a foot above the old one.

Then I gave them a massive hair cut.

I hope all this hasn’t stressed them too much. Time will tell.

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