ChronicMcBudz's Stealth Wardrobe

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been trying to get a grow off the ground since I found OG 2.0, but one thing after another has kept me from being able to pull the trigger until now… I’m currently in the process of converting an old wardrobe, circa 2004 Rooms-to-Go masterpiece! I’d say I’m about 75% done at the moment.

Excuse the mess, we’ve been painting inside n out and cutting/drilling for intake/ exhaust and the lock I installed. The doors are a bit crooked, so it’s going to take some creative sealing, but it’s solid and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it figured out. All I really have left on the wardrobe itself is some painting, weather stripping, and putting the shelf back up that the exhaust will sit on.

The lights are attached to the frame, but still need to be wired.

17x Bridgelux EB Gen 2 3500K
Meanwell XLG-240-L-AB
3x 12" air stones
Eheim 400L/hr air pump (will have to split 2 outputs to 3)
AC Infinity S6 w/ AC Infinity scrubber and duct from them too
17gal Home Depot tote
3" net pots
LECA clay pebbles
Jiffy peat pellets

It’s taking me a couple months to get this far, but any pictures I manage to get of the build I’ll post up and I’ll continue into my grow here as well. Unfortunately there’s not much time for pics with the build as I’m on a time crunch with building happening while the kids are at school and I have the time. I’m hoping to get the rest of it done early next week and have seeds popping by the end of next week. Still on the to do list is wiring the lights, finishing the dwc tub, hooking up the ducting, putting the shelf back up and some painting.

I’ll be growing two Sweetberry Cough by Garden of Green, one Blue Tease by Dr. Krippling, one Blue Cheese by Barney’s Farm and two White Crack F2 originally by Mephisto, seeds by @Dank-D.

Feel free to follow along!


This is awesome, I did the same thing a while back with a hps lamp. Right on that led rack ya got there is gna grow some beautes. I’m taking a sit on the log, can’t wait to see end result :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning:


That’s awesome, I love these sort of grows! Hope to see how it turns out for you!

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Very cool. :sunglasses: :+1:


I like it a lot.

I had something similar years ago that I crammed a 250 HPS into.

The light proofing was a bit of a challenge. I see you are already using weatherstripping, for me the trick was to have the doors close under the slightest pressure so the stripping was ever so slightly compressed.

It wasn’t easy but was totally lightproof.

Looking good and all the best.


How tall is that thing??? I might be able to squeeze in that far right corner!!! If not, can I bring my slightly rickety foot stool? I wish you continued success, Bro, luv the lights. Do stay safe, take special care, and by all means, be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Thanks everyone!

@Foreigner, that’s part of why I put a lock on it. The lock is a little tight, so when I put the weather stripping everything should compress nicely.

@misterbee, you might actually fit in there lol. Currently there’s about 51" of height. It will be about 3’ of growth height when I’m done. 40x24" canopy, so about 6 2/3 sq ft. Eventually I’ll probably pull out the bottom shelves and increase the height about 2 ft.


This is so cool. I love these projects. I’ll load the bong after I finish my coffee. lays down on the floor with coffee


Reminds me of my old quarantine cabinet, with better lighting and more headroom-

Good luck with the build…


Very cool can’t wait to see you grow in this thing. I love the idea of stealth wardrobes. Although I love even more the idea of just being able to grow openly everywhere. Haha


Only thing better than the stealth wardrobe is a secret doorway in your walls leading to a hidden
grow room


Down for the ride and best of luck to your build and grow


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I remember a guy from OG 1.0 that had it hidden behind a book shelf. Was some cool shit. If I remember correctly his wife didn’t even know it was there.


Epic! That’s on the list, maybe not behind a bookshelf but hidden!


And then there were lights! Wife decided she’s done with the painting for now, so I’m a go to hopefully finish the box tomorrow while the kids are at school. Still need to put in weather stripping, cut a couple pieces of wood to cover the gaps on the top of the doors, and assemble the exhaust. After that I still need to finish the DWC tub, but I’ll have a couple weeks while the seeds germ and start in Jiffy pellets.


We’re almost in business! Got the ac infinity s6 and scrubber installed, and a fair amount of the light proofing done. Test run of the exhaust tomorrow for sound and hopefully finishing the light proofing. After that it’s time to start soaking some beans! I’m not too concerned with finishing the DWC tub before popping beans. All I need to do with that is hot glue the air stones down, set up the air lines and make holes for the air lines and maybe a fill hole for topping off.


Hell yeah man, what do the air intake and outtakes look like?


@ChronicMcBudz great job man, it’s been a hot minute since I seen a quality cab being built. It’s gonna look slik & run like a dream…

I 2nd what @JustSumTomatoes says, more photos bro.


I’ll get a pic of the intake tomorrow, but it’s just 4 3 1/16" holes in the bottom of the back. The shelving inside creates a natural light trap. Exhaust is a 6" hole out the top lol.

The scrubber is aluminum taped directly to the fan and then the fan is hooked up to the hole using 6" duct and a 6" connector flange that’s just dropped in from the top and sealed in with aluminum tape.


NICE. It shows you think about the mechanics of how things work before you take action on it. Im definitely sticking around to watch this…

Have you thought about heat sinks on your led strips? Or installing a few PC fans over them for active cooling? Good job on your lights by the way…

I DIY my own led lighting excatly how you made yours (mine was only 4 strips in Parallel) and I needed the active cooling or the leds would run to hot when it was at Max output of 300w

The cords coming from my Meanwell driver (after 3yrs of full time use) actually melted and almost caused a fire. So I purchased my current lighting lol still have the DIY as backup, just need to replace the driver.