DIY ebb and grow

Has anyone done a DIY on this system. The brain/controller unit seems the hardest to replicate.

I wanna switch from RDWC to ebb and grow for summers so I dont have to run chillers


There are a lot of diy ebb and flow systems made for ‘normal’ plants. I would just use a timer to pump the water and let it drain. Or pump continuously and use a bell siphon to drain it.

I used to visit quite a lot but I have not been there for quite a while. Maybe you can find some inspiration over there.

Im talking about an ebb and grow not ebb and flow

This is my version. Using Aquahub kit.


I’m using the active aqua 2 gallon kit, but I’m thinking about doing my own controller eventually. I’d probably use a raspberry pi zero W with node red to set the timings, a relay board to switch the pumps and some float switches. Tidy cats boxes like @Hitman40 has are great for controllers. I probably wouldn’t try to engineer my own buckets, since the active aqua’s are only like $12/site with fittings.

Another similar thing I’ve done with an even simpler controller is to top feed and bottom drain. Basically it’s the same setup, but I use a tidy cats bucket to connect 4 pots in a 4x4 tent and then I run 2 1/4" feed lines per pot from the reservoir. I time a drain pump to suck water out of the tidy cats bucket back into the reservoir. Top feed is simpler, but the main downside is that if your drain in the pots clog, then it’ll overflow the pot when you feed.

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The picture reminds me that I need to replace those clear hoses for the next run. I have the plumbing running to different areas and use unions to make adding or removing stuff easy enough.

Where are u seeing $12 a site. Everything im seeing is hundreds.

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These are $87 for 6 site and one of these for 120

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It’s the bucket site expansion kits that @Hitman40 linked. You can buy just the bucket systems for pretty reasonable prices, but the controllers that are like $250. So I was thinking I’d just engineer my own controller and use an existing bucket system next time, because you can’t save too much by DIY-ing the buckets.

Hey brother, what’s the difference between ebb and flow and ebb and grow? Is it ones in a tray and one is in its own bucket? Thanks man

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Quick search gave ( was wondering the same )

The GHE Ebb&Grow® is an “ebb and flood” design: a simple timer (not included) runs a pump intermittently to bring nutrient solution up to the growing table, where it flushes spent air from the roots of your plants, waters and feeds them, then pulls fresh air in as the water drains back down to the reservoir.

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That sounds just like a regular ebb&flow. Maybe the only difference is that the pump is removed from a reservoir to a “control unit” that also has a built-in timer on the outside? But then what does the 2nd pump do? :thinking:

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I’m about to make a big table, like 6x12. lol. I’m putting this b on rollers. Or should I do 2 6x6 so it will fit through the door one day? Idk. Lol

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