Estab87’s spring/summer science shenanigans

Well, this is as far as they made it folks. I threw out my back & left shoulder lifting a bail of Promix. Fuck me. I guess this is what getting old feels like? :rofl::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hopefully a prettier update of them planted in the garden/ their final pots on my deck soon once this heals up, rather than just a shitty photo of them tucked away in plastic tubs in my BBQ corner that is in a state of disrepair, lol.

Take care - remember folks: lift with your legs, not with your back. Don’t be like me! Lol

All the best,


I hope your back and shoulder get better soon.
I know all about back pain. :weary:


Thanks @chronix - hoping it won’t keep me outta commission too long. Have so much to do in the yard and garden & the weather has been great lately!


My back was feeling noticeably better this morning. Shoulder still quite a bit off, so I took the low hanging fruit and planted the ones directly in the ground, and filled 2 of my patio planters with Black Swallow living soil (much lighter & easier to carry around than the Promix for the others - hopefully I’ll get those in tomorrow.)

Anywho, here’s the ones that made it to their final homes this morning:

As a reminder to everyone, these are all testers from COPA genetics, they are Jelly Roll 77 x GSDF5.

Tent A

Looking a little more spacious in there! The Raz-berry Runtz auto from RocBud, CDLC x SODK from Mephisto/@BasementBeans & Glue Gelato from Barney’s Farm are all looking super healthy. I’m sure they’re happy now to be getting full attention from the lamps rather than being shaded out by the big Copa plants :slight_smile:

Still in solos are Bhudda’s Cane fems, from @ShitSeeds (1 for me, a few for my neighbour who’s wife has cancer. 2 have broken ground already and looking like relatively healthy seedlings. One looks like it’s struggling to push its way through the soil, but I see movement. Gushers x OGKB fem from @ShitSeeds has also broken soil & is looking like a healthy, normal seedling. I’m still waiting on the Pink Tourmaline from Cult Classics to break soil. Hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll see some movement, that’s one I’m excited about. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Tent B
Still not sure what these are other than a guessed hint that one half of the parentage is RocBuds’s “Pineapple Sunrise.” Still not sure what the other half of the cross in these “competition” plants are, but they’re getting close, fattening up, and are really nice and frosty. It’s hard to describe the smell in the tent, almost like a sour (citrus) but with a heavy “creaminess” maybe even more similar to a “starchiness” like a potato. Super weird and interesting.

Anyway, here they are, this time without the usual gaudy collage heh, a photo from each plant, plus a “big picture” of the tent:

More updates soon, probably once this shoulder of mine is healed up.

All the best,


Hey folks, finally feeling more myself and have been able to get a bit more done in the garden, sorry for the while it took to get an update through. Here’s the situation outside right now (we were just barely hit by the big storm that rocked Ontario, thankfully no damage done).

Here’s what the back yard is shaping up like right now. All the Copa JR77xGSDF5 testers are super healthy. I topped them all yesterday, to keep the height down and allow them to become a bit more bushy, we’ll see how they take to that but nobody looks sad today!


I also tossed an auto fem bean that I’m playing with and have sent out to some folks on here that I bred in my grow tote, tentatively called MephMonster, into my little raised planter box with my lavender & strawberries. The lineage is a ridiculous amount of Mephisto - hence the silly name - including but not limited to, Double Grape, Forum Stomper, 3 Bears OG & Skywalker, to name a few. I don’t have high expectations for growing this outdoors, and in such a shallow grow space, but I’m hoping it will atleast look nice as a decorative plant and maybe give me a bit of frosty, airy, buds to add to my hash bag.

Tent A

The Autoflowers are all loving their lives, both organic and the one getting citrus feed. The biggest one on the right is CDLC x SODK (Citrus Feed) from @BasementBeans in a 1 gallon pot - outgrowing it’s organic, living soil-planted sisters from RocBud (Raz-Berry Runtz) & Barney’s Farm (Gelato Glue), which are both in 3 gallon pots.

There are still a few photos vegging in cups/smaller containers behind the autos that are not able to be seen. These are Bhudda’s Cane (going to my neighbour who’s wife has cancer) and Gushers x OGKB, both from @ShitSeeds. My Pink Tourmaline from Cult Classics decided it didn’t want to break soil after showing my a nice long taproot when it germinated. I likely fucked something up there, kinda bummed, but they’re fems and I still have a few more I can pop later. Sooo, I popped another Auto bean instead, True MAC Auto F4 from RocBud (MAC x Grape Dosi Breath Auto), which I should be able to finish before my late summer travel plans, where a re-popping a photo, that would be less realistic.

Tent B
These are the Pineapple Sunrise (RocBud) x ??? In the competition I’m in sponsored by Wildwood Seeds. These photos are a few days old, but we’re getting really close to finish now on 2/4 of the plants, especially the largest that I left to grow most naturally. Beautiful sweet, earthy scent coming from the tent, and the colours are fantastic.

You’ll notice some tacoing and signs of heat stress. My central AC unit died overnight earlier this week (another reason I’ve not been posting, dealing with some shit) for 2 days, and these poor girls took the brunt of it, the tent was in the 90s when I woke up that morning, and the tacoing & heat stress was clear. They still smell nice so I’m hoping there wasnt too much degradation of terps, but certainly took a visual toll on the plants.

I’ll try and be more active with the posts now that most things are outside in the garden, and I just have a little bit of building to do to beautify things/hide the plastic totes.

Chat soon growmies :slight_smile:


Well, folks, I’m feelin’ auto crazy. I popped two more… :grimacing:

True Mac Auto F4 from RocBud (MAC x Grape Dosi Breath auto)

And a gift from the kind - Forbidden Runtz (Forbidden Fruit x Runtz auto) from FastBuds

They’ll both be getting the Jack’s Citrus + cheap promix regimen, as I’m still waiting on my large order of Black Swallow’s living KIS soil to arrive, to transition to that permanently. :slight_smile:



Very nice work!
Your yard looks great btw

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Thank you and thank you again @ShitSeeds!

I don’t have much to say today but thought I’d share a quick update. I found my first male outdoors today, he got the :axe: and is now becoming compost :slight_smile:

I’ll replace him with the Gushers x OGKB from @ShitSeeds feminized bean that I popped a little while back and has been vegging along side my autos in Tent A. Not sure how she’ll hold up to the elements outdoors, but hey, why not? Stuck her outside in a shadier spot to harden off for a couple days before planting her in her final home. She’s switching from salts to organic I guess!

In Tent A, things are moving along quite well, everyone’s still healthy, the newly planted seeds have also broken soil:

In Tent B (this was yesterday), a couple of plants are starting to be close to finish, certainly lots of colour, it’s like fall in there. The tallest/most colourful is all cloudy, just waiting a little bit of amber in the trichs at this point:

I guess the last change is that the Buddha’s Cane I had vegging along side my autos in Tent A, is now also outside being hardened off to give to my neighbour. I also dunked a couple of feminized Honeycane from @ShitSeeds yesterday and they hit the paper towel & Xbox game case this morning in anticipation of having to replace a couple of my other Copa testers outside, as I’m pretty sure I’ve got atleast 2 more males.

Sorry, I said I didn’t have much to say today but I got high & lied :rofl:. Thanks for reading my nonsense.

Best to you all,


Well, the garden had a few more males than I had hoped in the pack of Copa testers. This experiment has become even less scientific as I now introduce other cultivars to the mix!

In addition to the Gushers x OGKB fem from @ShitSeeds that recently made her way outdoors to her final home to replace the first male, 2x Honeycane are waiting to pop break soil right now to replace the other two. These are also from @ShitSeeds , info on the cross below:

The three confirmed fems are all heathy. One has a really unique me menthol-y stemrub. @BasementBeans called it “Fishermen’s Friend terps,” and there’s no better way I could describe it! Astringent & mentholy, much like a fishermen’s friend lozenge.

Here’s what’s happening inside:

Tent A:
The one gallon CDLC being fed Jacks Citrus feed continues to be a star. Really impressed with the stretch on the one, and the CDLC terps are coming through nicely on the stem rub. The Raz-Berry Runtz & Glue Gelato in organic living soil in 3 gallon pots got a small sprinkle of Black Swallow’s reammendment to give the soil a boost through flower, but they’re also looking great, very healthy, no signs yet of deficiency.

Tent B
On Saturday, day 76, I harvested the first Pineapple Sunrise x Skywalker plant of the 4 that I’m running in that competition.

Here’s a few shots just before chop, wash & full plant hang dry:

Here’s some shots from today of the 3 that are still yet to be chopped & have a bit more left in their legs:

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, I’ll be more on top of things once this competition is over, promise!

Oh ps - the 2x Buddha’s Cane from @ShitSeeds are now in the caring hands of my neighbour who will use them to make edibles and topicals for his wife. He’s kindly asked for a couple more so I popped him a couple Honeycane fems as well for a bit of variety.

Best & see you all soon,


Awesome work over there, and very kind of you to continue sharing. I hope you both love your plants.


Looking great brother! Love it . You are so generous! I love it. Can’t wait to see how the OD turns out in your hands.


I’m sure we will. I think I may have converted him into a new hobby grower as well, lol. I spent a bunch of my Sunday in his yard helping him mix up substrate, understand feedings & when to know when pots are dry, etc. Guy was super grateful for the help and information, and as am I for your kindness and your genetics at a grower-friendly price point @ShitSeeds.


Hopefully, with any luck, a little something like last year :wink:


Yes! Justa Lika thata!


Thats so nice to hear/read. I absolutely love helping out new growers, especially when they are so intrigued and ready to learn. I think we all have that need to share with others. That’s half the fun of growing gorgeous plants of all kinds.

I always wish we could do more, and give away more, but I am very pleased to see you are happy with our service. Keep up the fantastic work!!!


Well, this is fun - the 2x Honeycanes I had planned for myself are no longer. Let’s have some laughs at my expense.

For some stupid reason I thought to myself “why not just start these outdoors, they’re plants and grow under the sun…” - and then a) one solo cup got knocked over by either one of the many squirrels that frequents my yard or one of the robins I’ve been seeing lately - no seed to be found - ha! Someone got hungry and b) the other broke soil then shrivelled up to a crisp, likely due to the fact that thanks to climate change, for some fucking reason it was 35 degrees Celcius in central Canada at the end of May. :joy:

Thankfully the two more I started for my neighbour are in the tent and poking through the healthily. :seedling:

And I’ve replaced my two seeds AGAIN, with another Blurricane cross from @ShitSeeds - currently soaking.


Aside from that, not much else is happening except the autos in Tent A really heading into flower mode.

Heres a few shots from this morning:

Rocbud Raz-Berry Runtz showing some purple already, fun:

Barney’s Farm - Glue Gelato showing some early frost:

CDLC x SODK from @BasementBeans is just a beast of a plant, really excited to see how the Jack’s performs through flower:

The bébés:

Been really tired and working a lot of late and just not feeling myself, hope my updates will be more organized & frequent moving forward.

Enjoy the sun folks,


Outstanding @estab87
You’re definitely putting in the time and effort, and its showing. Clap, Clap, Sir!


Thank you @ShitSeeds - The outdoor garden still has some some coming together to do but here’s an update on the rest of things! :slight_smile:

Tent A:

The Big Plants
The Citrus Fed SODK x CDLC in the cheap promix is starting to show some signs of nitrogen excess & nute burn. Not sure if this is a from the Jacks, the slow release nutes in the promix, or a bit of both, but I’m okay with it. The plant smells great, and I can’t get over its size for a 1 gallon pot. She’s going to provide a bountiful harvest.

The two organic plants (RocBud Raz-Berry Runtz and Barney’s Farm Glue Gelato) are a looking like they are a little lacking on the other hand, I’ve added some reammendment to the soil, and also top dressed the pots, since they weren’t quite full, with a bit more of the KIS soil. They’ve started to come around and the buds are still frosting up nicely, but they’ve lost their beautiful shade of green they had earlier on. Learnings in my first living soil grow.

Here’s a few closeups:


Raz-Berry Runtz

Glue Gelato

The little gals

The Forbidden Runtz from FastBuds & True Mac Auto from RocBud being fed Citrus feed in cheap promix are doing great. The solo cups are my Organic Blurrlock from @ShitSeeds that will be headed outside.

In the back corner of the tent are the two @ShitSeeds Honeycane I’m prepping for the neighbour:

Check out the size of the fan leaves on this organic living soil [Double Grape x 3BOG] x CDLC. I removed a couple massive ones almost as big as my head today. Curious to see how this plant turns out, she’s in “stacked” strawberry pots that I’ve taped together, to make a tall, deep pot. My hypothesis is this will give the taproot a bit more room to grow, and hopefully a larger plant.

Tent B
1/4 of the competition plants autos I was running in this tent is finished. 3 left to die that are running quite long, but I like them to live out their full lives… and then some heh. Now on day 86, just waiting on amber and they’ll all get the chop.

Any who, I’m just rambling. This is what I’ve been up to! More photos and updates soon. Hope you’re all well.