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So I am gonna do a pretty basic grow diary here so that I can look back at things and everyone here at OG can follow along. I will try to update at least once a week, and will try to add some pic’s when I can.

Here’s my setup,
My indoor garden is set up in a 2’x3’x 6’ grow cab that I bought a few years ago 2ed hand. I think it is an EarthCab. It is lit with a 600w Apollo dim-able digital ballast and HPS lamp, in a half-mirror/half glass, tube style, air cooled reflector. The cab is cooled by a 6" inline duct fan that draws through a carbon filter, which currently runs 24/7. One upgrade I am planning on making is taking the thermostat off the heat mats in my greenhouse and using it to control the fan so that it only runs when temp are above 80deg.

After trying lots of different trays, I have settled on using 3x 10"x20" quadruple thick seedling trays. This gives me some options when it comes to what size pots I can run. Each 10x20 tray can hold 2 of my approx 5 gal square pots, 8x “Super One” 1 gal square pots, or 18x “4inch Square” pots (3.5" x 3.5" x 4" water-dance pots to be exact).

with 600w HID lighting for 6 ft^2, I have 100w per square foot at full power, which is way more than the 35-50w that is considered standard (please correct me if this is not the standard anymore). As a result I feel that I can really stuff the cab and still get decent per plant yields.

For this run I am going with 4x 5gal pots, two each in both of the outer trays, and 8x “SuperOne” 1gal square pots in the center tray.

I popped some beans a friend gave me just after the new year and have been cloning the hell out of them these past few months. So at this point I have all the clones I could ever need, and the mothers have been sent to friends to grow out under the sun all summer, and hopefully be real monsters come the fall. That way I can still take a bunch more cuts if I really like one of the plants.

I this cycle I am running:
4x Slyme Cookies (#2) (Sin City Seeds) in the 5 gal squares.

In the1gal squares I am doing: 2x Platinum Dosidos (Archive), 2x Forbidden Jelly (In House Genetics), 2x Slyme Cookies (#1)(Sin City Seeds), and 2 more Slyme Cookies (#2) (still Sin City Seeds).

And, since I want to make some seeds, inspired by the hemp micro breeding thread, I am going to set four 4" clones on top of the soil of each of the 5gal squares. so this gives me 16 more slots in which I am doing:
1x Colloidal Silver forced male of each plant, (Slyme Cookies (1&2), Platinum Dosidos, and Forbidden Jelly). 2 more of each Slyme Cookies, and 4 more of Platinum Dosidos, and the Forbidden Jelly.

The plan there is to cross each clone both to itself, and to each of the other 3 strains, and hopefully in both directions (so both Platinum Dosidos pollen on Forbidden Jelly pistil, and also Forbidden Jelly pollen on Platinum Dosidos pistil)

My plan is to remove the C.S. forced males from the cab just before they start to shed pollen, and then let them finish in separate spaces, collect the pollen, then hand pollinate the crosses I want to make.

I had/have been vegging all the clones outside under the sun, which I will continue to do until I find homes for all the extras. I also have a Early Miss (Crop King) feminized auto growing outside that was sown on Jan 3 2021 that will be finishing up any day now!

I set the cab up this past Thursday, 4/22/2021, which is day 1 of flower. My light cycle run from 9:00pm-9:00am MST, with the idea being to have it run during the cooler temperatures of night (still important indoors because this is the desert and its HOT during the day) and shift my electricity usage to off peak times, both from a household, and grid-wide perspective.

SORRY EVERYONE FOR THE WALL OF TEXT! I will go back and add some pics from my phone…

Happy Growing,


It is a good read. Looking forward to photos!
:seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:

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But what about your dirt? :wink:

Wish you a smooth effortless grow!

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I like your plans. I think Ill watch them come to fruition


I’ll pull up a chair for this one… :sunglasses: :+1:

Getting ready to take notes and loading the party bong :partying_face:



Some pics of the cab setup. Mostly just to see how easy it is to add pics. got the 5gal and the 1gal squares in place, but holding off on the 4” plants for seed until the CS males get a 3 week head start.

Also, a buddy of mine just set up a tent, so he is gonna flower my CS males for me in the small cab he is upgrading from. Hopefully this new, better plan will result in fewer unexpected and unintended pollinations occurring.


How do you get those plants to grow straight out of the wall like that? :wink:
Plants look great! :smiley:


I use my Gravitron obviously!

But seriously is there a way to rotate pics when uploading?


I can rotate mine before I upload. Not sure about afterwards. :thinking:
Edit: I just looked I cant see a way to do it after its uploaded

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Sounds like a great project. I’m here for the ride!

Great stuff Dirtron you are doing exactly what my goal is …eventually…breeding and crossing strains. I’ve been reading about the colloidal silver trick, this should be good!:+1:

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rotate before uploading :slight_smile: :seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:

So I didn’t get up and moving fast enough this morning to get any pics before lights out, but I will do a pic or two tonight. Anyways, here is my current soil recipe. I work at a grow shop, and an a total plant addict (cacti, succulents, and caudiciforms), so I have access to and have accumulated a lot of raw ingredients, and soil amendments.

A perfect soil mix could be made with much fewer following a basic 1/2 soil, 1/4 coco/peat, 1/4 drainage OR 1/3 peat/coco, 1/3 humus, 1/3 drainage recipes.

But if you want to go a bit more all in…

Dirtron’s Super Soil Mix:

6 units: Bagged Soil*. Base Material, Nutrients.
3 units: Prococo Coco Coir “Chips & Fiber”. Base Material, Wicking, Aeration, Microbe Habitat.
1 units: Prococo Coco Coir “Coco Peat”. Base Material, Wicking, Aeration, Microbe Habitat.
2 units: ¼”-⅜” Coarse White Pumice. Drainage, Mineral Source, Microbe Habitat.
1 units: “¼” minus” Fine White Pumice. Drainage, Mineral Source, Microbe Habitat.
1 units: “¼” minus” Black Lava Sand Scoria. Drainage, Mineral Source, Microbe Habitat.
1 units: Vermiculite. CEC, Silica Source. Water Retention.
2 units: Worm Castings**. Humus, Nutrients, Microbe Source.
¼ units: Decomposed Granite***. Mineral Source.
¼ units: Elemite ****. Mineral Source.

*Foxfarm Happy Frog, Foxfarm Ocean Forest, Dr.Earth Homegrown Potting Soil, anything really.
**The fresher the worm castings the better, homemade/locally made and moist is best, bagged commercial worm castings are still OK and are still worth adding. Can also be partially or fully substituted with homemade compost that includes kitchen vegetable scraps.
***Decomposed Granite can be substituted with Glacial Rock Dust.
****Elemite can be substituted with Azomite, Basalt Flour/Dust.

Amendments per gallon soil mix:
½ Tbs: Gypsum 0-0-0 Calcium, Sulfer
½ Tbs: Dolomite 0-0-0 Calcium, Magnesium
¼ Tbs: Blood Meal 12-0-0 Fast Nitrogen, Iron
¼ Tbs: Feather Meal 12-0-0 Slow Nitrogen
½ Tbs: Rock Phosphate 0-3-0 Slow Phosphorus
¼ Tbs: Bone Meal 3-15-0 Medium Phosphorus, Calcium
¼ Tsp: Langbeinite 0-0-22 Fast Potassium

If “Veg” specific I may add:
¼ Tbs: Cotton Seed Meal or Neem Seed Meal
¼ Tbs: 7-3-1 Bat Guano

If “Bloom” specific I may add:
½ Tbs: 0-7-0 Bat Guano


Formatting got a bit messed up copying over from a googledoc… Fixed it up some…

Sometimes I run out of mixed up soil, like I did bumping up into 1gals, and I am can be lazy. So, this time the front two 1 gallon squares, in the middle tray, were up-potted from 4" pot of super soil to a 1-gallon square pot of Dr.E. Homegrown Potting Mix (Black Bag) straight from the bag.

So a BIG shout-out to @DougDawson , My FIRST free OG-love beans showed up in the mail this week! Such a generous dude!
SO the pics are from Sunday past so already pretty old, but the girls are stretching nicely and starting to full in a bit.

These Slyme Cookies are ALL pistils. I don’t think I have ever seen a hornier plant in my life. Hopefully they end up drying real nice and long thick orange like I remember the AK-47 back in the day!

I found my first balls on the clones I am hitting with CS. I also got some at a higher PPM as my better half got me the only one in a spray bottle initially, 10ppm, so I was spraying 3x a day. Now I got some 250PPM which I diluted 5x with dH2O down to 50ppm.

Popped some more beans a friend gave me. Seed mom was Cotton Candy Kush Auto, dad was Knights Templar Kush (photo). Gonna do a micro-breeding seed run on them. not quite 12/12 from seed but probably flip after 3 weeks. Small pots to limit size. Open pollinate between all 20 of them.Then run one more filial generation to select only the auto’s (although I may do an extra generation before selecting down to only the auto’s to try to get more gene flow and recombination into the resulting auto’s).

Gonna harvest my outdoor Early Miss tonight or tomorrow (been saying that for a few days already). I will snap a pic or three before I do…




Very cool man, looks nice. Glad the seeds showed up safe and sound, hope they grow something great for you.



So a bit of trouble in paradise. Two mornings ago I opened the cab up to do a watering and the light was off. Checked my timer, all good there, the internal ballast cooling fan was blowing still… flipped it off and on manually and it lit right up, but quickly reverted to a weird 10% barely glowing. Shit, I hope its not the ballast…
Anyways, I dug through my supplies and found another 600W HPS bulb so I switched out the bulb. This one lit right up (but so would the other “bad” bulb) so hopefully that issue is fixed.
The major downside is that the girls missed out on some or all of two full days of light. Thankfully the issue seems settled now. Hopefully the 60 hours of darkness, interrupted for a few minuets while the cab doors were open (only during what should have been “day” time) doesn’t mess with them too bad. I did notice the new growth, that has not really seen any light yet, is real lime-green.

Time will tell the story…



Time for an update!
This time I am going to try to integrate text and pics so bare with me.

First I wanna shout out to @Slick1 and @PetalPower for sending me some OG Love. They arrived safely!

Things are moving right along. So I may have jumped the gun saying I found my first balls on one of the CS reversed males, the smaller Platinum Dosidos on the right end, after looking closer I DON’T see any balls…

Here are the 4 clones that I am reversing with CS. they are a Slyme Cookies (1), Slyme Cookies (2), Forbidden Jelly, and Platinum Dosidos. First a group shot…

Then a pic of the tops and sides of each…

Do you see any balls yet?
Where’s Balldo?

Then we got a shot of the whole cab…

And some frosting starting to form…

Then, because I am a fiend, I popped some of Mark aka CaliBest420’s Blueberry 60 day Auto. These went swimming on 5/4/21, 9/10 germinated (all within 24h), and they were planted into “super one” 1gal squares. In a week or 2 these are going to be transplanted into 5gal pots and flowered outside.

A Side Shot of the Blueberry Auto60’s

Next we have the 20x Cotton Candy Kush Auto x Knights Templar Kush that I am attempting the micro-breeding on for 1-2 generations to speed up getting them to full auto. They were sewn 5/3/21 so I will probably start them on 12/12 starting 6/1/21. They are going to stay in these tiny tree band pots. However, I have found that 4 of the small pots fit into a ‘Super one’ 1gal square, so after pollination I may do a pot on/in pot stack to give them some more soil volume and depth, time will tell.

Finally, a shot of both the Blueberry Auto60’s and the CCKuAu x KnTKu 's

Moving along… I said I was a fiend, well I am. I also started the pack of Freakshow PetalPower sent me. Already 5 of 10 have popped tails and were planted. None have broken soil yet so no pics.

These freakshow beans seem very pale and under-developed/wrinkly, but I read that it is normal for the strain, and already some of the not so good looking beans have sprouted. I also had a weird thing where an embryo was floating in the water. I wish I had taken a pic as it looked like some white alien trilobite. It is NOT a bug. I think it may have come from the seed that had a small hole in it on one end. Anyways I planted it in the same pot as another bean, hopefully since the “root” and the two white “pseudo-cotyledons” seemed to be in good condition it might grow? The best would probably have been to try it on agar, but that is wayyyyyy too many ingredients and equipment to dig out of storage.

My plan with the Freakshow is to flower most of them for buds, but to pollinate the 1-2 girls that show the nicest leaf shape, so that I have these beans to grow and share FOREVER!

To wrap things up here are 3 pics of my Early Miss (auto) from Crap King. She was planted Jan 3, so we should really be calling her Late Miss… She has just refused to finish. This is approximately week 19 right now, and her fan leaves are only just starting to yellow a bit, and she still has white pistils. But she is gonna get the chop this week, I swear!

Thanks for stopping by…

Happy Growing Everyone, Stay Safe,


Glad to her they made it!

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