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Hey OGs,

Long time listener first-time callers here, we are in the process of making room for our new grow setup! As we are in Canada we are now legally permitted to grow 4 plants per residence, we are preparing a purpose-built 4 plant setup for our federally legal recreational plants while we complete the remaining hoops to once again grow our own medical cannabis post-legalization.

The space we have allotted is not the holy grail by any means, however it is what we have. The space overall is 4’ W x 6’ T X 14’ and instead of the typical panda poly guerilla affair I was more familiar with; we are going with tents and hard plumbed HVAC. We are hoping to fill the space with tents in stages should our design and equipment work in our favor and budget permitting even to grow our starts for our outdoor garden, cloning some trickier-to-grow plants, mothers etc basically make good by the space and investment, continue to make medicine that we use daily in the 4x4 we are currently testing.

-Mammoth Classic 120: Grow Tent 4x4x6
-MARS HYDRO TS3000: 450w draw Full Spectrum L.E.D
-2x AC Infinity T4: Automated Temp and Humidity controlled 4" extractor@ 205 CFM , controller and probe
-4 Pot AutoPot XL: 25L Pots, 47L Res
-Phresh Inline Carbon Filter: 6" 500 CFM
-2x 4" Hooded and Grated exterior vents
-30’ of 4" smooth pipe duct, a T, a Cap, 2 adjustable elbows and a half-baked plan

We are running full Biocanna lineup on starting on 35-50% of their recommended dosage on their recommended schedule for our size of res as we are running feeders to 70/30 soil/pearlite.

We are currently in a Covid-19 Stand-off with 2 seed banks (Pacific and True North) waiting on fems to arrive. We have ordered: Cali Kush, Training Day, Pot O Gold and Sour Diesel, from Pacific Seed Bank & Barney’s LSD and Gelato 33 from True North. Praying it arrives any day soon but not looking great at the moment. Week 2, nothing but payment confirmation :frowning:

Setup the tent and ran an 18 hour cycle to see how she vegs, temps seem not too bad (25-27C), definitely way cooler than any HID I have run in the past, with good throw, bright natural-looking light (white full spectrum, quantum board LED). The T4 and controller is super intuitive and reminiscent of industrial multi-port controllers of yesteryear, this time as if made by google. Set high & low temp cutoffs and a humidity range and walk away. Fan ramps on its own, managed the heat and humidity and did so quietly. The other T4 will sit downstream in hard piping where it’s plugged into and controlled by the controller associated with the tent. 18 hours, 100% power on the TS 3000 and the fan ran at 3/10 speed all night not even perceptible outside the room it’s stored in currently.

Getting the exterior vents plumbed this week so that HVAC can be hung and the tent set into final position ASAP. Hope to have further data and better progress pics soon, happy to hear from all of you…Thanks for checking in!

-Run Cold, Stay High Friends!!


Thats a big ol filter and fan set up! How much negative pressure does it produce? I find my 4" fan/filter pulls enough for my 2x1x2m tent. I used to use an 8" fan/filter before I moved to tents and had to replace them because they were waaaaaay too powerful


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You have a great setup @TerpSneeze, you will do some excellent work there.



All dressed and nowhere to go! nena|nullxnull Hope those seeds arrive soon, looks like you will get good results with that equipement Arriba|nullxnull , pulling up a chair … icon_eek|nullxnull


Sooo clean, sooooo new. It’s a beautiful sight (site?).

Now dirty it up lol


I have the very same fans and controller, well worth the extra $$$


Not sure yet when its all said and done but I think the big fan you may be referring to in my inline carbon filter :wink:


Hello and Thanks Sleepy!

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Lets hope so, Thanks Gpaw!!


Don’t I know it George, hurry up and wait time! Thanks for coming along!


Will do ASAP Beacher!!!


@Dank-D That’s certainly what we have found too, thanks for stopping by!


Yep! usually a big ol filter like that will need a big ol fan to pull enough air through it. Think filters have a rated minimum CFM to be effective. My 8 inch has lasted me for about 3 years and counting now

Also pro tip: you can highlight the text in a response and hit “quote” so you dont need to post separate message responses :slight_smile:

Hey 7 Thanks for the response, and the hot tip! Also a big fan of the workshop!

Yes, you are correct, that is a 6" inline filter with a min flow of 405 CFM - Speced slightly differently than the link provided in the post and I am running 2 T4s inline drawing towards the big O filter @ 410 CFM straight through the space with smooth 4" duct. The filter is 12" away and inline with the exterior vent with a T4 strapped to a reducer ahead of it…

I was hoping that running the smooth pipe in straight shots as well as running 4" all the way to basically the vent may help me squeak through but if not I will boost her up with another small inline hurricane or duct booster to push me over the finish line.

The main issue was space and expandability having the inline made sense but they don’t make 4" ones. I am also running such small tents that running a 6" throughout seemed a bit overboard. The hope is that the big O can will serve my expansion of the space to accommodate 3 more 4X4 tents for some time to come as so many of you have found.


Nice! I have a variable speed fan controller plug that can reduce fan speeds by regulating the voltage(?) which i’ve had OK success with.

To give you some context, my 8" filter and fan creates good negative pressure in my 6m x 2m x 2m shed! I have it running to filter everything that comes out of my tent so there is 0 smell completely. Your inlines do look sick tho and look like they will last a lifetime


Wow!!! The T4 as setup in the picture above vacuumed in the tent at half speed so I am hoping that a couple of them drawing should deal with odor and gas exhchange :crossed_fingers:


If you need additional intake these tents usually have a few ducting points. Sometimes they have one on the top for bigger ducts (at least mine does) so what I do is I run 8" ducting from the top out to the front and hanging down at an angle as to not let light in from the outside. Lots of tents also have little flaps at the side you can roll up and stick, but they let light in.


Yeah totally 7, this one included, unfortunately, the space I am cramming these tents 4x4x6 into is 4x6x16L so the tents basically fill the space (I will put up some good pics of that today)… Basically, anything that isn’t coming out of the front of the back of these tents will be butted up to a wall but I knew that going in. The mesh port maybe my savining grace as it is flat and it can be a intake for the tent but I will be modifying the tent to vent out the front surface, basically where I have the controller hung in the pics above as space is limited!


Well… Another day in the cramped up space, visualizing and testing. Plumbed 4" hooded vents to the exterior in line with my original intentions and configuration of my “half-baked plan”. Although I was successful in Turbocharging a 6" inline filter with 2x 4" fans, as @7lpdwcaw that thing is a beast and will require a more beastly fan to not have my 2 T4 screaming at full tilt. Lesson learned, no harm, no foul… TBH if I was in a rual setting this would have done the trick just fine but with the T4 plumbed directly to the vent was like a mega phone to the street, not discreet in the least.

No none of this is my carpentry, old house, worse renos!!!

Moving forward I have simplified my build, setting aside my inline and big scrubber setup when it is warranted -have subsequent tents in place and to stinky to manage with typical carbon in tent layout. I will have more than enough push for the one tent I have on the go just another stop by the hydro mart for a 4" carbon.

This is surprisingly good news, tent will be able to be set and plumbed in position in the coming days. We are already thinking about placing our order for the next tent!