🌲 DangerZone Gardens 🌲

Hi y al l :smiley:

Heres some pix from my garden,

Its a basement 2.5 kw led (4 King Spectrum sk602) sealed room with organic soil made from scratch :yum:

Co2 at 1500 ppm

Watering with plain water plus some goodies and various potions…( LAB, Fish hydrolizate, aminos, some silica boost etc…)

Here is some Sour Diesel from this spring shitshow session from seeds


Heres the aftermath of a terrible war against the Broad Miites… They ruined my summer, lost a month, spent lots of cash…but its pretty clear who won…:sunglasses:

Here is some Bubbas gift, Sapphire Og, 707 …another seed run…huntin for nice genetics

After that I transplanted em and the mites came in…It was bad…very bad…now I regret I didn’t took pix but I was too sad to do It :cry:

Hope u enjoy! ill keep posting more!


Oh, living soil and LEDs?
:seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Hell yeah!

im very happy I found a local worm casting farm!

The recipe I used is
65% peat 25% perlite and 10% EWC

plus the lime pack 2-1-1 of Dolomite, gypsum and Calcium carbonate

plus this Agricola 4-8-4 all purpose High Brix blend from Michael Astera www.soilminerals.com

and topdressing again with a cup of EWC…

The Agricola blend is badass, I used also outdoor and last long with strong plants !



Nice grow shack, ya got there man.
Glad you won the war, but did you say they came back for revenge??
I use a water only mix as well, makes life simple.
Welcome and can’t wait for more pix


Thanks! Im observing and analyzing every suspected leaf with the microscope but nothing…
I noticed that some genetics get more affected than other by their toxic saliva and randomly can show sick leaves alternated with healthy ones…some OG still show some weirdness that look like BM damage but no mites or eggs…I guess is crucial to have the scope to check!

Right now there are Neoseiulus californicus walking around keeping any possible mite in check…

Let see how it goes :green_heart:


Some Bubba’s Gift



The New from Humboldt Seeds … 9 plant 9 different phenos…:smile_cat::smile_cat: :fearful:
Heres one gettin interesting…


That’s a lot of plants.
Nice work!


Groupshot of Sour Diesels Clones!!



Gotta love a flat canopy.


Mooooooooore Sour! 2 Phenos … smelling like…sweet-sour and fuelly burnt rubber !!


It’s pretty clear from those pics that your basement is a lot more interesting than mine.
Sad about those mites and it’s just as well you don’t have any pics to post.
My one and only run in with mites is still fresh in my mind, ten years later.






So…after the last run i decided to go back to mix my own soil due to the common inconcistency in quality of bagged soils to me availables.
This time doh i wanted to add some impovement to my recipe in the aim of reaching a faster rate of grow, more frequent watering and more oxigen retention.
So i went from the
** 65% Limed Peat (Limed with 1cupxCFoot of Calcium carbonate, Gypsum Dolomite mix)
** 10% EWC **
** 25% Perlite** **
30% Limed Peat
30% buffered Coco
30% Perlite
10% EWC

Everything “mulched” with clay pellets to keep the surface from getting bone dry and also to give hard time to those annoyng gnats that here and there zig zags around sometimes…
I taught this could be a good transition from growing in soil to some soiless medium like coco or rockwool cause i didnt have time and enough knowledge to set up a system to recollect drain from the pots ,setup a dripping system, reservoir etc…
Im watering with a hose and a wand with shower head.
Ahforgot to mention the nutrient part…very easy…Megacrop +Epsom salts+Ncalmg till 3rd weeks of flower and Maxibloom+ calcium oxide+ epsom salts till the last week, tryng to achieve a healthy growth without overload on nutes…

Sooo, two weeks after the trasplant on some Sour Gorilla kush selected clone from No border seeds and my Sd clones the rate of growth compared to my last run has get double time faster!!! In two weeks i reached already the full canopy that last run took me a month and a week , due also to some PH problems of the soil…
So far so good! Ill keep updating pix

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Your plants are just perfect, well done! You ended up keeping a sour Diesel cutting then?

I think you’ll find the plants will grow faster in this new soil mix. You can also grow larger plants in smaller pots when using coco, it’s really awesome stuff.

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Thanks! I kept it cause is fire, but honestly i dont think it could be an Original SD, right after harvest i was convinced it was by the smell, but after few weeks the terpen profile wentfrom fuel and burnt rubber to someting completely different…more hazey, chemical like a jack herer and sweet like a green crack! hahah still very tasty…but the hunt is still open!

Hell yeah!I used 7 gal pot and they totally seems too big but i had to work with what i had.
It seems that the peat was awesome outdoor to retain moisture and keep nutriets bonded to it but indoor its a new game…more oxigen more frequent watering and more control on nutrients with coco!!


Most of the SD I’ve had was more hashy I’d say. There’s probably a million versions out there like most strains. Glad you’re liking the new blend, I switched from peat to coco a while ago and don’t think I’ll ever go back…you can wash and reuse it too.

Ill def try to squeeze another run off this soilmix…is dooing awesome!
Im so happy that i reached week 3 with no deficiencies of burns…for first time under those lights…
lowered the C02 from 1500 to 1200
and using “insane” amount of NCalmag along with Megacrop and humic acid to balance the PH…