Fall fade cool temps

Hashfruit from cannabiogen


Very nice !


@GoodGear i love the turn of fall and the cooler temps in Ontario for the colors it brings out…My fav was my sweettooth#3 back 20 years ago,plants had every color under the rainbow was almost sad to cut them as they looked so beautiful…That is a lovely plant you have :+1:



Just N of Toronto we hit a low of 1-2C (34F) last nite. didnt frost over here… yet.
still have a month+ to go here.
Beautiful looking flowers @GoodGear & @Needsomebeans. Gorgeous fade. Nice job,


We actually got in on those swt3 in the very first release from Breeder Steve. We were at the seed swap club back then. Came in a trade. Clients loved the end product for sure. Super tasty!

Here is our Turkish cookies from dr greenthumb


Nice… sweetooth is a beautiful smoke.
I havent grown ST, but I did run Shiskaberry in mid 90’s.
Anything Breeder Steve offered back then was bomb!!
Dr Greenthumbs has quality genetics by the look of it. His gear is a bit pricy IMO.


Pretty sure I saw someone on here say shiska was russian for “buds”

This was gifted to us from a friend of dr greenthumb

We also have a pure old school Turkish heirloom that has the same smell and flavor profile as the Turkish cookies.


@Silverhaze nice to meet another local :+1: yep the temps are falling quickly at night now.

@GoodGear i got mine at the same time.sadly when me and the wife split up,she thteatened to call the cops so i had to give everything away…beautiful ladies you are growing…

I also grew MightyMite x AK47 finished outdoors mid August to 2nd week september,some with heavy AK47 influence 1st week of october and teallt colored.indoors if you dropped the temps in dark cycle they colored up nicely to.

Love it! Nice and frosty too