Favorite artwork

I know I’m going off topic but i build models so here are some of my “works of art”

Still learning how to airbrush and get certain effects


Not really well stored or bookmarked or anything.

I’ve got a Hokusai print that I like & used to have an antique Arabic watercolor print somewhere that was pretty cool IMO.

HR Giger was amazing & the 1980s Heavy Metal magazine …



@cannabissequoia Alien is probably one of my favorite movies.
Being a little kid not allowed to watch but grandpa would let me watch till grandma got home and if i got caught he had no idea :wink:

That first one is pretty sick I’ve seen it around


I like Giger a lot, also like Japanese and Chinese art work. I am just starting to paint my Motor cycle again with a Japanese samurai theme.


What airbrush do you have and what paints do you use with it.

Here is an RC model truck I painted. Fire with a skully smoking a joint.


@Shadey Ooooooo man lol that’s sick dude.

I got a 80 dollar set off amazon as a gift and as an introduction to it. But it’s a VIVO home set air brushes are all vivo as well and came with three of em and a 1/2HP compressor

if i got the hang of it i was going to upgrade to a badger airbrush or look into a better brush

I’m using Tamiya acrylics i got some vallejo paints and testors enamel (enamel is used for certain things like filters or pin washes not the airbrush)


You could thin the testors down and airbrush it but you will have to get any acrylic paint out of the airbrush, it will swell up and turn into a rubbery gloopy mess inside it if you don’t you would also need teflon seals as well, thinners destroy the cheap O rings. Get a better compressor as well those little things creat a lot of condensation in your airline, and the pressure pulses as you don’t have a tank to hold a supply. The cheap airbrush internals are made of mild steel and wear out fast especially the nozzles. Used an Badger infinity for a while I didn’t like it much.

I used to teach airbrushing at a local art school.

I bought about 6 of those cheapy chinese airbrushes that are a Iwatta micron copy for students to use. They have all the same threads as the real deal, so if you want to turn a 35$ cheapo into something thats close to a $700 airbrush all you need is to buy a complete head set up, needle and trigger mechanism for about $200. I have an Olympos Micron ( Iwatta stole their design for their Micron) 1.8 needle you can pull lines that a as fine as a hair with it.

I use mostly Auto Air paints, and House of Color candies for fire.


you need to practice some rust and rivet techniques on the tanks a few shell dents lol.

Like this.


Well i noticed something in a picture that should’ve of been there my bad

But i think this is my best looking tank and i try to accomplish something new every project and this one was shadowing. And i said i can’t justify dropping that kinda coin on an airbrush yet haha :laughing: I’ve only had it for a few months


I quite like building models but I’ve not too many interests in war vehicles or flying shit and I’ve a youngen so she’d probably find her way to it :rofl:

Love that airbrush on the car @Shadey I’ve a massive petrol RC hummer would look sick having a flaming paint job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Youngens find their way to everything they can’t have lol

@Shadey that is indeed fuckin awesome flame work and weathering

Art for me:


I believe that’s art for most my dude! Lol tattoos are welcomed i tried to be vague to get all forms of art


The tank looks good it has that used grungy and worn look to it. Did you sprinkle a bit of saw dust over it when the paint was tacky.


I like Tat art, Its the style I started to use when I began painting. I also paint on Tshirts, baseball caps and leathers, so I can change what art I want to wear and take it off when I want something different.


That’s actually just dust :rofl::rofl: adds some texture to it huh lol i was on the garage floor with a spray can so shit got flung up and what not


Accidents sometimes work out well lol.


It sure does funny thing is i didn’t even notice till you said something haha

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Well when I started to paint portraits, as well as grow weed, I needed to start to look at tiny details. Most of my time doing portrait stuff is playing spot the difference with my reference pic. With plants it helps spot problems before they get too bad especially with things like Powdery mildew, mites and thrips.

I use some high magnification visors to paint small stuff, it makes it so much easier to control the airbrush and see what you are doing.

This is a small paint job I did, Life size Black Widow Spider on a pebble. Its 1/2 an inch wide by 5/8 long.


No way if i saw that on the ground I’d think that’s real stellar shadowing. @Shadey

I do notice smaller details in my plants.

When it comes to painting models i get impatient With painting but I’m training myself to be patient i used to do models back in the day when i was 10ish I’d do snaptite models and did one glue model and stopped till about 2 years ago. And i just kinda dove into it so I’m learning tips and tricks and painting techniques.

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