Fence for outdoor crop

go to a farm and ranch store. buy some weled wire. hole need to be 1/2 inch wide by 1 inch long. cut high enough to step over.cut bottom so that wire spikes point to ground.will make it harder for armillo to move the wire.cut the top the same way to discourge opposum from climbing over.or just make tall fence around plants. you can cut a gate in this wire it is stiff. the best i have found.


Thanks @head.

I have some plants that could use some of that fencing.


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give it a try will not disapoint you. i like the long rolls of the wire.


Awesome info @head keep it up buddy👍

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Thanks @head. Possum and rabbits are a real problem here so I will be giving a modified version of this a go next month with chicken wire.

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…is armadillo any good to eat? i think i remember hearing they were filthy as hell & not worth it. :wink:


chicken wire is not stiff enough.

hell no do not eat them…


Not stiff enough for them to chew threw? It has worked for my fruit trees supported with a star picket… please elaborate

need to be the welded wire i said it will hold its circle shape or what ever shape you want. no post needed or stakes need to keep in place.

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Righto, roger that.

I think it’s probably called welded mesh over here… I know the stuff, most use it as a benchtop in the greenhouse, amongst other things. Expensive, but useful and sturdy.

In days of old, I did lots of guerrilla growing in the NE US.
I used deer netting to stop renegade deer from ravaging my plots. This was the only thing that worked. Never tried any type of wire fencing (although I am certain it would work well). Netting is lighter, and easier to carry and cut.


i can see where that netting would work for dear i have a lot of dear in my area have not had much problems with them i quess because i use blood meal.


Be careful.
Good hunting!


i tried this method work great i found that red brand galvanied welded mess wire is the best to use.

i have also find out the best way to connect the 2 end of wire together use the copper rings that or put in hogs nose to keep them from rooting. they work great and last for a long time give it a try.