Securing Your Outdoor Plants. Precation's: Motion Sensors, Steel Fencing trellis ect

I just Amizoned a “but load” of motion detection lights,
( both battery and solar operated lights).
As well as a motion-detecting screw-in lightbulb s
(sort of rated for outside.)
I have no fence here, just tree lines dividing properties and I have a path leading to my back yard, a strip of crown land. so I am potentially a sitting duck so MY QUESTION IS:
I have 10 plant’s in medium-sized fabric pots ( like 10 gallons, I would have to check.)
I am building a large frame around it with old deck boards and I am thinking.
I may be able to use Galvanized Utility Fence 2 inches x 4 inches 48 inches x 50 feet. I am wondering if wire would get too hot in the sun. are the holes big enough? (2’‘x4’’) If I cover the top the frame, with the fencing, well somebody would not be able to get to the stem, just at the poking out bud’s ( if they can get passed my lights and alarm.
Has anybody tried fencing? ( If I lived in- town I would have bought string and 100 bells lol but bells cost more on line then I thought. )