Finishing in hydroponics! Tips tricks and how to?

Hey guys so my bad azz Og cheese will be my first hydroponiclly grown harvest and I’m curious is there anything you guys do in the last 2 weeks to help the plant finish???

  1. If they look good, dont change anything.
  2. Dont flush.
  3. Dont add anything organic.
  4. LITFA - if you think they are about done, give them another week of the same :slight_smile:

I can get way better pictures…


I agree with Larry, 100%.

You don’t need any additives, flushing, or special procedures. Just gotta wait 2-3 weeks. They don’t drink much at all in last couple weeks so you probably won’t have to do much of anything, really.



The only thing those babies need is LITFA :slight_smile:


Right don’t fix it if it ain’t broke … I got some really good advice on another forum about watching ppm and following the plant watching it either feed or drink everyday and soon will just stop feeding I guess is what they said


I dont know if I buy that. It seems to me the only time a plant stops feeding is if its dead :wink:

The way these plants grow naturally, they always have food available in the soil. They can take what ever they want when ever they want it or need it.

I think the best thing we can do as growers is to provide that food at all times. In hydro, we have an advantage over soil growers in so far as we can actually know for sure what is in the water, so we can be sure that the plants always have that same amount and quality of food available all the time. We do that by maintaining a uniform EC/PPM and PH.

The only time that it makes sense to me to lower the EC/PPM is if the leaves are burning, and the only time you would increase it is if the leaves are pale.

Now, things are more complicated for you guys who re-circulate than it is for me.

I run DTW (drain to waste). My nutes only ever touch a root one time, then the rest is tossed out. Nothing goes back into my rez.

When I put a seedling in my aero system, I start out at maybe 0.4EC/200PPM. Within a week or so Im up to 0.8EC/400PPM±, and it stays there for the entire grow. I make small changes based on leaf color if they look pale or are burning. I do NOT taper off at the end, and I do not increase for flowering. Its just not needed. Some strains like a bit more and some a bit less, but not by much.

Re-circulating is a whole different matter. The roots put nasty crap (exudates) back into the water that gets sent back into your rez. That nasty crap builds up over time, and it helps feed the nasty bacteria. Plus, the roots will take up some nutes more or less than others as PH drifts around, so you end up with imbalances. PH changes can be caused by those imbalances but also by bacterial growth, and temperature changes. Similar things happen in soil, plus you have can salt buildups over time.

Anyway, re-circulating means its a lot more difficult to tell what the heck is going on, and you have to stay on things a lot more as far as measuring, adjusting PH/EC, water changes etc.

My main point here is that I think its a stoner science myth that your plants need more or less food depending on the stage of growth or that they need flushing or no food in late flower, etc etc. If any of that was true, then my plants would show major signs of over or under feeding - and they dont. Plus, I always seem to get above average yields.

Bottom line - dont make changes unless the plant tells you it is unhappy. If you see signs that things are not going well, the first thing you should do, if you are re-circulating, is do a rez change and see if that fixes it. If it doesnt, only then consider what else might need changing.

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I grow in a recirculating DWC setup but don’t have my res connected. I use a control bucket that I circulate out of to the 6 plant buckets and refill the system from a 40 gallon res.
Anyway, I always feed my plants right up to harvest. I don’t flush or do anything different than the rest of the flowering cycle. Like was said earlier, the plants take what they need and leave the rest. I only change things if the plants are asking for it.


Awesome thanks guys… true growmies!!!

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