Flowering Francos Lemon Cheese

hi folks,

hope everyone is doing fine!? after taking cuttimg for receipt the gentic, i´ve decided
to put my Francos Lemon Cheese mother into flowering. she was quite old and was taking up alot of space
plus i´m not in the need of so much cuttings.

so here is the setup:

Mars Hydro 2 x 2 Tent
Mars Hydro TS 600 (old build)
320 m3 carbon filter
320 m3 duct fan
5 Watt waterpump and tubing
15 Watt fan
10 liter reservoir
female lead actor ( Ol´Francos Lemon Cheese mother on big rockwoll cube)

I know that for most of you the FLC for sure is already an old strain. but maybe to your liking?
for me sure is a keeper! :slight_smile:

everything runs smoothly, nothing unexpected so far. day/night temps and humidity are around

day temp: 25°C RH:56
night temp 19°C RH:49

this is my first report/dairy. So i´m pretty sure i missed out some info you might want to know.
If so, just ask i´ll try to answer as best as i can if i can.

stay healthy and safe



I have always wanted to run this tribute strain. So def along for the journal


i´m happy to hear that someone is interrested in this plant. ! take seat and be my guest. :slight_smile:
next update is coming on sunday an will be flowerying day 7 :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you for the good vibe!! Seriously look forward to the updates🍻


I personally love cheese weed, gonna watch this myself.

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hey forest,
welcome and yeah cheese weed i really lovey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
i hope you´ll like it ! so take a seat and enjoy :slight_smile:


She looks well cared for, nice job!


tank you Tejas! :slight_smile:


so here we are on flowering day 7. :slight_smile:
one week finished 8-9 to go!

i hope everyone is doing fine!

the last week i worked on putting everything in position. for sure i´ll need another week to finish the process.
i had to remove alot (and i mean alot!) of shots and leaves, so she does look a little plucked.
but she´s still reacting lika a charm and should be bushy again in no time. i guess, i should´ve done better maintance in the vegi phase.
no matter, i like what i´m doing… so i don´t mind the little extra work!

the temp and rh are ok, going up and down in the range between night 19°c rh 46% and day 25,6°c rh 58%.
for me that´s absolutly ok and nothing to worry about atm.

the res needs to be checked twice a day to be sure, that the stats are not drifting to much from the ideal.
normaly the drain tells you exactly what you need to do and so does the plant too.

Atm im going with an EC around 1.75 and a ph of 5.8 to 6.5 depending on the drain. for the first 3 days i changed the res on daily base
because the rockwoll had alge and maybe build up nutrients. by now it should be fine or at least better! :slight_smile: i´m sure next week we will know more :wink:

so i wish you all a nice and relaxed sunday stay safe :slight_smile:


hi everyone,

hope you all doing fine!?
we reached flowering day 14. so we survived another week and now we are left with 8 to 9 weeks of flowering.

in the last week, i was mainly trying to put the branches in place and removed a few of them,
for better spacing and air circulation.also most of the lower shots were removed,
so that the energy is not wasted on them! now the canopy looks good to me.:slight_smile:
so there´s not much to do atm and i can relexed watch at the last week of stretching.

the nutrient solution was brought down to EC= 1.30 and pH= 6.3. with a formulation around N 100 P 65 K 130 MG 50 Ca 150 .pH is drifting slowly downwards.if things turn out fine,
i´ll able to use the solution a little longer by just adding a small amount of fresh nutsol from time to time.and i´m totaly happy with that because a small res can be bitchy in matter of pH.

Day and Night Temps and the RH are staying in favorable range, so nothing to worry on this side.
the ts 600 is hanging around 46 cm or 18" over the canopy. if anyone has a suggestion for better hanging height, im happy to hear your thoughts.

so i wish you all a nice sunday! stay safe!!! :slight_smile:

ps: sorry for the bad shot with lights out. next time i´ll try to get it better!


Nice plant! I received one of those seeds as a freebie with one of my purchases. Looking forward to see what she’ll look like in a couple weeks. Did you grow her often before? How’s the flower?


thank you stinky!!! i´ll push my thumbs for you that one seed is enough!. i had not much luck with the stuff from green house in matter auf germ rates. Super Critical 1/5 seeds sprouted , so thats not satisyiing.

i had grown this flc like a coulpe of times but not with the nutrients i us now and led.

the bud had a heavy and dense structure.
the smell was like cheese with a good stence of lemon. and so was the taste.
i own a volcano now and im looking forward to try this strain in there!!!


Check out Kalimans Rocksters cheese man, it sounds really similar in taste profile to what you described.

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ok thanks for the tip! i´ll check on these strain.:slight_smile:

I like the way you have trained the plant.


thank you tejas!! i´ll allways try my best! the way she grows helps alot while training.:slight_smile:

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so the 3rd week of flowering is over and 7-8 weeks left.
and i´m happy with the setup so far. and she seems to like it too. :slight_smile:

temps are between 20-26°C and the rh is around 50-65 %
EC = 1.3 and pH 6.3

and pics from my new flc mom. quiet tiny but i´m sure she´ll be a big one in the future :slight_smile:

i wish you all a nice sunday!


another week has passed so far so good. and we are left with 6-7 weeks of flowering.
temps are between 20-26°C and the rh is around 50-59 % not so much difference to last week

a few leaves showed some slight P defi. so P was upped a little bit

EC = 1.3 and pH 6.1

have a nice sunday!


Nice sturdy plant! How old is she? Very nicely tended. :+1:

Never had a cheese strain, going to have to try one.

thank you! maybe a little over a year.

cheese strains can be yummie :innocent: :innocent: