Is everybody following the instructional amounts on fertilizers in flower?

I use pro-mix and General Hydroponics 3 part, I follow the amounts, I may just be guilty of over watering or the seeds are to blame (crop king) but they keep dying in flower.
They go into flower healthy beautifully trained and a month in flower they droop yellow, dry to almost crispy and die. WTF

![2020-08-20 14.39.39|375x500]
3 separate plant’s each at a different stage of depletion, on just bitten, one half dead and one mummy


Photos :slight_smile: would like and more info

so it’s (x7) trained n topped, 3 month old plants, in 5 gallon fabric pots, centered and surrounding them (x10) 1 months not trained topped once two plants in grow bags sharing a dish…figured they being younger but allowed to grow up instead of wide can grab light from the outsides and stay relatively the same height.
Temp rarely exceed 26 c and there was a learning curve when my floor got cold and I had some bananas, right away got them up on insulation boards to remedy the cold floor situation.the light is 1000w hps and i have a infinity fan and the room is say 10x13 , night time temp 15 c
All 7 my 3 month plants croaked.

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Pictures that aren’t under sodium light would be better.

Slow decline or all at once?

Nutrients at normal levels don’t just kill plants like that. Slightly cool temepratures don’t kill plants like that.

Something else is at play.

Infestation or bugs of some kind?


root rot? any bad smells?

One of the reasons I went to perlite and hydro, I cant trust myself not to over water.
I would switch to perlite and water enough to get 20-30% runoff, measure that.

Besides that, get one of those stick in the dirt moisture meters to learn it better.

no actually it smells divine, roots were fine like i am no expert on roots, ( mold erb i spot across a room that doesn’t get passed me) roots were white solid, no muck no fuzz

Whats the Ph and EC of the runoff?


It’s hard not I guess… It comes from love your trying to baby them…if that is my problem. did you try just adding more per-lite or say coco on the bottom?

I don’t know the ph, I have a pen I never opened, why well, It is a well from an area were bottled water comes from and when I drink it i go yum lol that’s not it , I give it to all kinds of little seeds and plants not a single death even slow plants and mutants all happy.

I went to 100% perlite after first being in soil then coco, coco + 50% perlite, now many years later, just perlite, a neutral and easy to reuse substrate.

Sounds like you dont have any measuring equipment, an EC meter and Ph drops are pretty important, can get away with 20$ for the EC meter and 10$ for GH Ph drops.

When it comes to nutrients, I also use GH, mostly half the recommended in DWC and perlite for cuts/seedlings. You are in soil it seems so certainly not more than half.
Of course if you rarely fertilize and mostly use water that would be a little different.
Less nutrients is always better, when you see they are hungry and they get some, boom explosive growth.

Please start measuring things, tastiness of water doesn’t mean much :slight_smile:

Maintaining and calibrating Ph pens, its a whole subject on its own, tuck in and find your questions.


has nothing to do with water chemistry


reusable you say? I discovered i could order a 9x9 cubic whatever of per-lite and hesitated because the shipping cost the same as the per-lite lol it was from u-line can’t remember the numbers one of the earliest things i looked into,

Same, just ordered a bag myself, its large and light, shipping is usually half the cost, on the other hand, will last you years to come.
When harvest is done, wash the perlite off in a bucket of water, pour in a few cap fulls of chlorine and let sit for 30min, tadaa, like new.


I suspect that ph is way off and soils buffer is buffering to correct things at start , but later when buffer runs out plants suffer and slowly die same with cal and mag if not topped up compounding the issue maybe : )


I fertilize every time cap full of the red and a cap full of flora veg or flora bloom, whatever stage i am in…mixed with 4 liters water… too much?

Most likely since he mentioned that it was tasty well water, probably high Ph and EC.


Just call into your local builders merchants for perlite

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so it’s an accumulative problem that takes 4 months to develop?

Pretty hot for every watering, I would do half, water with that every second or third time.
You will still need to get on top of your water measurments, nothing will save you if your water is off too much, you will need to correct for that when you mix the nutrient and the ph of the plain water.
Some people find their water just wont work and they buy an RO filter or buy distilled water to mix in.