Hamme Hydro's OG Phototopic

In this topic i will post pictures and excerpts of my grows. It will mostly be hydro, the medium of choice is rock-wool, but i like coco and soil too from time to time as i will demonstrate over here on Overgrow. Watering goes by ebb and flow in bigger settings and in smaller ones from the top by hand. My vision about growing media is plain and simple:

The plant is not designed for the medium, but the medium for the plant.

This is an Amnesia Haze grow i did a while ago.


OH BABY. I KNOW KNOW KNOW just how damn GOOD THAT room must smell!!! 1 Amnesia Haze reeks out my whole room!!!

So glad you are here, NOW, no more for me at the other place… You are here now, can check on your AH and RPP(which is excellent too) right here. COOL BEANS!!! HH in da house!!!


Hamme, it’s good to see you here!

So, this whole thread will be of pics, and such, from your previous grows? Well, then this is going to be one very long thread. I think you may take more pics than I do! As of today, I have just over 2000 pics of cannabis on my phone, lol!

That’s a beautiful pic of the Amnesia Haze you grew, Hamme. That had to be a bountiful harvest! Seeing it reminds me that I need to grow some Amnesia again. It’s definitely not for lightweights, unless you enjoy sleeping more than being high!


Thanks Jet and DesertGrown! No, it will be pictures from my current grows!


Nice plants, looking forward to seeing more pics!


Hey Hamme, my last run of the Haze was stellar. Been in jars now a couple weeks maybe, the smell is delicious and the buds very pretty. The high, as you know, is as good as it gets in my opinion! The RPP is super too, big rock hard nug’s of stinky feet goodness, her smell is kinda crazy and getting much stronger as it cures up.

BOTH of them are winners, and my grow room quality has improved immensely since you gave these 2 to me !!1


I am happy to hear that Jet, and i certainly agree about the Amnesia Haze!

Yesterday i defoliated and strung a net across the nine Shiva Skunk clones i am currently growing. This is how they looked fifteen minutes ago or so.


lookin good @Hamme …always a pleasure watching your Ladies !!


Beautiful plants Hamme!
I’ll bet it’s starting to smell pretty terrific in there… love the fragrance skunk gives off when it’s flowering.


Thanks DesertGrown! The smell is awesome!

And here are the pictures of eight Lemon Haze and one Northern Ligtht seedlings that are almost ready for harvest.


No more likes, so


Great looking in there man!!! Glad you actually posted something , cool, keep it up!

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@Hamme bro all those plants look amazing

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Another round of Amnesia Haze is finally ready!


yummy lookin nuggs,Hamme !! makes a great Holiday Stash…enjoy!!


Outstanding looking nuggs Hamme!!!



WTF you been Hamme??? Miss your ass. you back at OG??? I do not even go there anymore

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Hi Jet, sometimes i post an update at OG but mostly i don’t go trough the trouble anymore.

The AH and RPP have been kicking major ass dude!!! They are so good!!! Wish you would visit some. Miss my buddy. @ifish is here a lot now…


Howdy friends, it’s been a while!

Last Sunday i commenced another grow. It is an ebb and flood round highly inspired by @eskobar his growing method. So thanks for the inspiration Esko!


Hamme i follow you here :slight_smile:

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