Found my roots in Mapito

Things have changed from my last journals. (basically just showcasing me killing plants and growing fluff) lol

Setup :
5x5 tent with 620watts dimmable LED (Solstrips)
Flood and Drain
Medium - Mapito (Rockwool and Foam chunks)
Pulse Grow Monitor
2 6" fans
8" inline fan + humidity controller

Day 42 - Sorbet (Right side of tent)

This is my first attempt at using a trellis…really difficult as I have no way to get to the back of the plants. lol Once she’s let lose I pretty much pray lol

Big shoutout to my mentor @ifish for helping me make the switch to Mapito and to understand the plants needs!

@GramTorino for the spreadsheets! Man…that really helped me out to see the what I’m feeding. Very handy!

@Papalag I’m hoping to make you proud with my Promix/Autopot run.

@Shadey for all the LED tips…and for helping me build my custom light for my second tent.


Ok I got a joint rolled popcorn in hand sitting in my recliner
Let the game begin
Oh yeah puff puff pass :thought_balloon::thought_balloon::thought_balloon::thought_balloon::thought_balloon::sunglasses:


Keep er lit Buddy : )


OK, fine…
Seats in the upright position and belts fastened
Let the games begin! :sunglasses: :+1:



I understand that the germination part is boring cansaooo|nullxnull , but really starting a grow diary with those ladies yet so, ahem, disturbing :kissing_heart:, makes me wonder how could I miss it. Mapito seems to work great … beer3|nullxnull


You got a jungle going on in there, looks great :+1:


Here are a few pictures from the start of my grow. I’m still working out some kinks with my veg…but it’s getting better.

Nov 18th - Veg
So had a few issues from the get go to get to this point. Mainly due to trying to get the Mapito settled at a 5.6ph. Hoping next run goes even smoother :slight_smile:

Nov 27th - Day 1 of Flip

Dec 3rd

Dec 6th

Dec 24th

I agree :slight_smile: Have no fear, next grow will be documented from the get go.


Have you ever seen Limbo on YouTube? That guy f***ng rocks Mapitos!!


Thanks for the link! That’s what I’m striving for is to have 18-24 a field of clones per tray…instead of 6 that I’m doing now. This allows me to crate and flower within 6days

I’m now currently working on my mother tent and setting doing my own clones runs. One thing at a time :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing Arriba|nullxnull, how do you think Mapito would work on Hempy buckets? hum|nullxnull


No worries :relieved:!

It takes time to get dialed in, but after that it’s a down hill ( sometimes uphill :laughing:)

Good luck with your grow @cdnBuddy :blush:


Not familiar with Hempy buckets. From what I’ve just read on the net it’s top fed?

One thing I’ve learned is that I’ve got to keep that top dry before aglae kicks in. Blocking out the light will help, just not sure how efficient top feeding would be compared to bottom feed. I think that’s where the magic happens. @ifish may have some input on Mapito with Hempy buckets :slight_smile:


It’s just a medium like everything else , I’m sure if you had the time and patience you could make it work but I’m sure like with anything , you would have a few unforeseen hiccups to sort out . I have seen Mapito top fed befor and it worked but longer down the line issues may arise idk

Mapito Flood and drain is tried and tested , consistant , it just works : )


Day 45
Feed lowered to 1.3ec

Very happy to see them! I’ll revisit them on Monday when I try and add support the buds…I found a few falling over already.

The only difference between left and right side is the left was a new mapito run. Wasnt prepped 100% so she suffered a bit from the start. Right side is on its second run.

I will be posting how I get my mapito ready for a new run when the time comes.

Coffee Cake strain is up for a run in Promix HP + extra perlite

I havent used my autopots in ages…so looking forward to running this with new feed. Ive grown her out before and expect them to fill the entire tent.

My temps are on the low side for LED for veg so having a few issues but expect great things next week once I flower.


Working on tasting the rainbow of multiple strains!

So far found 1 male out of the bunch, hoping that in a few weeks all will show their sex so I can get too tossing.

Black Cali - Joti
Black Candyland - Joti
Blueberry - Joti
Hibernate - OG Seed run @MomOnTheRun
Green malinashi f3 ( NAW ) - Donated via @ifish
Green malinashi f3 Honey Hashplant selection ( NAW ) - Donated via @ifish

I’ve been getting clones for my runs for the past 6months until I have a selection of moms so I can clone my own. Cloning is something new to me coming from only growing Autos so really looking forward to this process.


They look very happy : )
Which ones are the gm’s ? @cdnBuddy


3x Green malinashi f3 on Right side
3x Green malinashi f3 Honey Hashplant selection on Left


Hi bro I was thinking of running these I have a ton of GM gifted by a friend on a different site I’ll be watching to see how they turn out


My next mapito run im trying to throw a few of these into the mix.

Long process to find a few strains to grow out that I like and hoping I find a few strains that make the cut.


Day 48

Looking good. I will have to double check my notes but I may run her 1 more time with her current feed before changing things up.

Autopot - Coffee Cake
Had to raise the lights a tad as leaves looking a bit stressed. Tomorrow lights go dark for 12hrs.

Purchased a trellis, but missing a set of hooks. I shall set that up in in a few days.

Clone time!
I had 2 other strains in that tent and took a bunch of clones. Gotta work on my cloning skills…this will be the second attempt.

Bluemoon(jahseed) and im hoping the second plant i grabbed from is Sorbet. I may have miss labeled the strain. Lol

I’ll know in a week id she’s sorbet or coffee.