Free seeds. First person to claim

Hey overgrowers this is a free 5 seed giveaway to the first person who would like to grow these.
The seeds are Orange Goji x Darkspark.
If your interested in growing them. Claim them


Me please!


Send me your safe Addy and I’ll send them out on monday


Got photos? I’m not looking for seeds tho. Just wanna see :fire: photos.

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Need your Addy brother

The seeds are in corrigated plastic. I obtained them from another fellow over grower here who got them from a fundraiser idk 3 or 4 months ago from here

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I traded him some seeds for them

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I’m understanding no fire photos, ill go sit in the corner now.


I don’t have any pics of plants man

I’m just playin fella. Enjoy your night.

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I will buddy. You too

Very generous of you. Itl be nice once these are grown out if someone could throw some pictures up.

Yeah I want to see pics of it too

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Well if they can get them in a week then germ for a few days. I would say by first of February they should have some decent plants to flower