FunkedUp's first diary entry

I’m likin’ it FU :+1:

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Appreciate the love LZ :v:

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Hey all long time no update, my apologies! Life can be quite busy but hope all are well on here! :slight_smile: Now onto the ladies!

Some developments have been made since we last spoke:

The wedding cake has been moved to a larger tent with its new roommate Stoned mensch (pictured later) and her delicious buds are actually becoming a bit heavy for the girl to hold and unfortunately I hadn’t put a net up so we’re doing and hoping for the best! Day 41 of flower and starting to really come along with a citrusy fuel on the nose too which is quite pleasant!

Here we have the Stoned mensch who is absolutely stretching like the bad bitch she is, had a bit of a potting issue and she had to graduate to a 3 gallon but as soon as i did she took off like a rocket. Currently 12 days into flower and I cannot wait to see how she comes along!

Of course last but not least all my sweet little clones and newly started babies! Picture 1 is an overview, the big gal in the back right corner is one of the cheeses you may remember from earlier posts. Unfortunately ran into some rooting issues with her sister and had to let her go :frowning: but happy i still have one at least! The second largest in the middle there is a wedding cake clone i took and will hopefully pull a couple more off of and the rest are stoned mensch clones that are all happily coming along :slight_smile: The tray thing has 2 Cake batter (Jokes Up) babies and the other two are Scotty 2 Hotty Babies (Exotix Gentics) The two little peat cups in pic 2 are 2 cake batter seeds I popped from Jokes up genetics for a buddy, those will happily be put into the ground in the future, after I clone them a couple times of course! Final pic just a close up of my happy survivor doing her best :slight_smile: Now if youve been paying attention you might be saying “Hey, where the funk are those autos?!” unfortunately its looking like they were a lesson to be learned with using grodan blocks as the roots clean grew through them and onto the floor which resulted in me accidentally pulling a bunch off it was a mess, however as i said a lesson learned!

Hope you all are doing well and your plants are happy and healthy! Thanks for caring :v:

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Hey all back again with another brief update!

So first up here we have the small veg tent with a lot of Stoned Mensch clones (in the cups), The now being trained cheese which was also cloned quite a few times as well :D, and some smaller soon to be champs the left 2 little gals being scotty 2 hotty and the other two being Cake Batter.

Next up we have the stoned mensch currently about to hit day 25 in flower and looking absolutely beautiful and plump, cant wait to see her finished up!

and if you scroll up a smidge you may be asking Funk where’s that beautiful little wedding cake you had hangin out with the mensch? Well she was excited and forced to hang :wink: but included are some bud shots a few days prior to the chop! :v:

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I dont know what they put in their coffee but the girls do sure seems to love it :cowboy_hat_face:

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