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Growing out some SSDD was kindly gifted to me. It was asked that I log the grow. So here I am. Pics coming. Have 8 SSDD up and at about day 7 in solo cups. Hoping to find the famous butter cut. Wish me luck!


Good luck man, I hope it works well for you :grinning:


Haven’t grown out this particular strain before. Will be looking for a seed stock and a nice Mom or two. I understand it is an excellent Indica dominate strain. I have tasted it.
At 15 days they got uppotted.

At 21 days down two for being spindly and unremarkable.


They are all looking nice and healthy atm. Looks like you have them on the track. :+1:


Looking good! Is that some type of mulch on top of your soil?


looks like rice hulls.


Really nice looking girls :+1:, would appreciate more information about what’s going on, especially after watching the good results … :sunglasses:


That would be awful lucky. These are all from reg seed.It all starts with good genetics. :smile:

We will get some pics up in a bit and update. Flipping the lights to sex them and will take some cuttings soon.

Will put up the soil recipe used then. Lights are about 35 watts/sq foot and 3500k led but is a mixture of 2700k and 5000k.Humidity runs around 60%

There are 2 plants likely males that are just HUGE
Edit: @Sebring because (points) He started it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, that was a lucky start, good genetics indeed … :sunglasses::+1:


@ about 30 days and the timer was just changed over.

The soil is Humboldt Tupur amended with Wiggle Worms Pure Worm Castings, rice hulls, several types of meal- (crab, kelp, alfalfa, neem seed ) and malted barley powder There was also a brick or coir and a partial bag of Espoma Organic potting mix.

The cabinet has a sweet buttery smell it’s light and not strong. Rubbing where the petals join on the back of the leaf gives some scent on them but it doesn’t really jive with the buttery one. The huge one has little odor yet but it’s leaves are thick and furry.


Happy looking ladies!


Thank you for tossing the less desirable plants and strengthening the gene pool! :blush:
There were definitely a couple seed mothers that leaned heavily towards that --grilled fruit smothered in butter-- smell, as did a couple of the male pollen donors.


The stretch is real and so I’ve taken some clones from the most promising. One diminutive plant was not attempted yet. Most of the plants have stretched the side branches even with the tops now. Some have 11 fingers per fan. Should be able to sex them all soon.

Hoping to get a few seed from some of these in case one is special. There is one plant that has some beautiful leaves. The leaves are broad and wide with a very defined structure. When I plucked a leaf to get some airflow the odor was just stank. Very resinous. See the last photo above


That seems pretty pervasive for this stage…there aren’t even preflowers. The stretch on these makes it tough for a cabinet.OTOH they were young and I only gave them 30 days so not mature either going into the flip.If there is a shorter less stretchy girl and I have a nice male I’ll certainly try to sort it. Certainly this would do well outdoors.


So we had 8 germ from 10. And we are at the flowering stage now with real flowers beginning to show at the end of the stretch. I’ve chosen a male after discussing the selection with @Sebring and there are two remaining females. All of the plants seem to have the desirable smell traits of the strain …the male is the most pungent though. Of the 3 he exhibits some huge wide leaves.while both girls are narrower and all have shown 11 fingers.


Looking good @Herbie! Got here a little late to get in on those SSDD, but they’re some awesome sounding genetics! Cant wait to see how they turn out!


Bodhi has told us that the second he stops selling pure SSDD, which he never produces anything for too long, that we have his blessing to dish out the rest of the SSDD seed jars <-plural :laughing:


Seems to still be using an SSDD male for breeding though. Not surprised as awesome as that pheno is. Both the females were nicely flavored and yield-ed/ing superb smoke.



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I had forgotten how handsome that male was …I have 2 of these at F3 from the pictured plants and they are at about 3 weeks into flower, Will get some pics up before,ahem…Spring :stuck_out_tongue: His name was Arnold.

The F3’s are from the above male and the female that was named Sade because she was a smooth operator. :wink:


The 2 SSDD F3 females