Growing With Mr.Sparkle : 2021

The thought has been slowly forming.
I don’t remember seeing these odd growths years ago. Typically you would sometimes see an odd twisty leaf when they were breaking out the first true leaves but the plants ‘shook it off’ and continued to grow out fine.
Now, it seems more ‘consistent’ & prevalent… or maybe I’m psyching myself out… :laughing:



Well I’m not discounting potential issues, though consider alot of “strains” now are really just hybrids where they don’t really run true where the time wasn’t taken to weed out bad traits or were still sold knowing that cause the “new new” typically sells vs say a worked strain that may be considered last or previous season, also a hell of alot less work, so coming across more plants with issues doesn’t surprise me in the least as consider how quick a strain can distribute into new crosses if it’s a hyped strain and consider if it had underlying issues then we’ll it’s everywhere now.


Hey @Mr.Sparkle

I grow quite a few of the dark sparks, next generation through my own selfing of your originals that I got, and get a few of the crinkle leaves show up. Most of the time they seem to out grow the issue and turn out fine. I suppose it’s like the different pheno’s that are expressed, they are all different and unique in their own way. I still get the occasional “ broom stick phenols as well “.

Cheers Johnny


I’ve had a lot of things come through my mail box but this disco light is the best yet
Thanks for the seeds and the things gauge


Someone’s holding a jewel, if not a pearl!! Only need to peel and plant!! Congrats @anon98660487 !!!


Day 72/9

Just finishing out the week on the old one then it gets chopped.

Little ones are growing slowly likely it will be reduced down to 3 forsure and maybe 4 if there is another decent one that powers through.

Also will have some new seedlings up tomorrow, though i’ll be tracking those over in my recent Overgrow Auto Chronicles : Chapter 1 thread.


Think its telling me something, though i did turn off the water to it last night.


It’s telling you it wants out, you keep stealing it’s babies and it’s dying of dehydration lol.


Day 12/2

Removed two of the Darkdevils and used their liberated pots to replant the two auto mixes that were in the square pots for no other reason than make them all have a common pot type.

Also hooked up the auto water and did a res fill with 6.3ph 1.45ec feed water, was on 1.2ec though there old enough to get a bit more now.


Nice! @Mr.Sparkle Any reason why the ones on the right are a tad (pun intended!) bigger!? More light maybe!? Thanks!!

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10 days older


Day 14/4
The older ones have been enjoying the auto waters, and was hand watering the GRCD in the center on the right, though started rotating it in still will be a week or two before i may cull a plant to make it a even 4 on that side.

As for the OG AC plants they be growing.


So neat, so tidy, I can almost imagine the little ones as a flock of birds in flight.




Day 16/6

Older ones picking up the pace, im rotating plants on the right side just by swapping one plant a day from having a dripper tube to nothing as 4 nozzles and 5 plants, so the plants are sitting out a day at a time feed wise.

And little ones getting bigger details about that over in the OG Auto Chron thread, and the started plugs well were gonna have to see on those…

Also you know the deal trizzlers up for offer on a wednesday, comment below if interested in being thrown in a roll off later.


Afternoon everyone! Afternoon @Mr.Sparkle! And yes, I’m all in for some Trizzlers!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!


The one on the lower left has an amazing leaf pattern!! Quite different from the others, at least to my eyes!!! Beauties!

thats a mutant thats been struggling, i don’t even see the next leaf set on it yet, its not gonna be around for long.


@Mr.Sparkle, I mean the one of the larger plants on the right. From them, the one on the lower left. I think you mean the small one on the lower left of the whole pic, right!? Thanks!

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That’s some sparkle branding there Mr.Sparkle, I see your committed.

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Thought you might of ment that one and not the mutant seedling, that’s a GRCD f2 the others are all Darksparks thus why it’s different.