Growing With Mr.Sparkle : 2023

New Year new thread you know the deal.

Hello im Mr.Sparkle and welcome to my grow journal, as an introduction for those that haven’t seen me around or are new here I’ll give a quick run down and to those that do know me then well you already know :wink: .

This year for me im gonna have a few challenges which will be apparent in the second half but we will work through them and adapt to some new norms :D, also im gonna add to my regular posting format and try and post a bit more in regards to other hobbies just to share a bit instead of the standard straight grow journals ive typically done.

So first off im typically an auto grower that loves to breed and play with strains and new variables sometimes it goes well alot of times it doesn’t lol, some may say im an avid plant killer at the rate i go through plants but to me its all for learning and why i make seeds for myself and also to share.

For our favourite plant of choice my preferred consumption is Rosin or Resin so expect to see some pics and happenings in that area, my reasons is its healthier than straight smoking for me and quicker or at least more consistent in effect length vs say edibles and its what i like, though i want to dive into the edible side more so this year.

As for my rate of consumption it has weened off to levels where one could say im just growing purely to grow as my typical yields off a plant or two could cover me for a couple grows if not more, i just like verity and seeing whats possible and growing in itself is therapeutic for me, so when i cull some flowering plants for what may seem like no apparent reason to others, its likely because i already have some plants i prefer more or what those plants are expressing isn’t what im looking for and i have no need to grow them out to cover my own consumption, fair warnings given lol.

On to my setup.

I currently grow in 3 stealth cabinets not that i need to legality wise it just thats my choice and it suits me not having things out and displayed for those who may be around, i just grow for me and im happy about that though i do share with all of you :wink: .

All cabinets are about 0.29sqm/3.1sqft a piece at 70cm/27.5" from floor to lights.

My lights range currently with the upper cab running some Bridgelux 4000k F90’s in a 560mm length its DIY panel of 8 strips connected to a xlg-150, one of the lower cabs I’m running my older Bridgelux EB2 3500k 280mm strip setup which is 12 strips connected to an xlg-100 which was some f90’s in the last couple cycles but i wasn’t fully utilizing the driver so until i buy some new 150’s to use those f90’s in bottom I’ll run my old panel and play with some comparisons for my own thoughts, also in one of the lower cabs I’m running a sponsor given MarsHydro TS1000 i still want to do a decent grow under it for my own sake I’ve just had some user errors the last couple cycles and i know there is no issue with the light itself its just me, Saying that it doesn’t fit my space as well as my DIY panels so in time I’ll be swapping back to them or I’ll modify that TS1000 to suit my needs of a lower height profile.

Ventilation wise all cabs are connected to a AC Infinity T6 which pulls through a 6" carbon filter for exhaust fan wise its set at either a 2 or 3 setting wise out of 10 which makes it very silent, routing the air draws underneath both lower cabs and up through the back of the floor of them then they exhaust through the upper third cab and into a filter box located above that upper third cab, also all cabinets have two 92mm PC fans mounted on the walls for circulation within the cabinets.


Closed and stealth to a degree.

Control wise i run some simple and cheap 110v Sinotimers they have been solid for me for years unlike some wifi connected bluetooth options ive had issues with in the past.

Watering wise i run some DIY auto waters composed of about $20 of parts those being standard irrigation drip manifold heads connected to some cut down irrigation risers that go into some 1/2" pvc end caps drilled to allow me to stick my little 12v water pumps on the bottom of, they are controlled by some cheap cycle timers which typically there is at least one in a cabinet for.

My reservoirs at the moment are just some Ikea Uppsnofsad bins with holes cut in the lids to lower my pots to sit lower and bottom wick if i so desire

Pots are just some 900ish ml dollarama pots with holes drilled in the bottom of, sometimes ill also use their smaller 400 or so ml ones.

Media i use bagged and recycled coco, which is whatever the local hydro shop carries at an given time and i reuse my coco, as of late I’ve been add in some perlite to my recycled coco just as it tends to be denser and brakes down over time.

Nutrient choices range from Jacks, PlantProd’s MJ, Megacrop, to other generic big box store bought stuff.

And that’s about it now onto the grow.


To start where i left off in last years thread.

Day 77/49

Waiting on some seeds to ripen and the others are filling out, also started some photoperiod seeds those being agent orange and some purple wookies, ill get some autos going as well in a bit just haven’t decided yet.


Looking great as always!


And for us old timers that know you and how awesome you are, Let the 2023 Sparkle show begin :tada: :tada: :seedling: :seedling:

:green_heart: :seedling:


Way to start the new year. You know I’ll be lurking. :grin:


Here’s to another year of great grow shots from you @Mr.Sparkle . You never cease to impress. Happy New Year.


ALWAYS a joy and pleasure to follow your many exploits. Continued success, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for the kind words everyone i appreciate them.


Takin a seat. :slight_smile:


I love your setup. It’s seems more refined every time I see it. I’ve just finished my first “micro” grow, although it was still just in a tent.


I agree. I run a couple stealth cabinets aswell. One 2×3×4ft and one 2×2×5’. I need to learn to control the environments better though.


I’m always amazed at how you can grow beautiful plants in such a small space. @Mr.Sparkle
It always inspires me to attempt to do similar.
How do you deal with the roots being “pot bound” ? Just leave them be untill chop day?


Ready to watch 2023


Pretty much, they are a solid mass come chop if grown well and typically i’ll let them dry out decently plant wise and root zone before hand so then i dont have to wait a month for the root balls to dry out if im reusing coco from them.


I’m back for more !
Curious to see what this year brings!


epic set up love the creativity and engineering!


I’m always around for your journals Mr. Sparkle! Never ceases to amaze the wonders you manage to pull off in such a small space!


In it for another year!
:eyes: :eye:




Always watching from the back. I’m one of those quiet, observant learners. :yum:

Ready for the 2023 thread of epicness. 🫶