Overgrow Auto Chronicles : Chapter 1

“Dazed not knowing what brought you here your mind in a hazy fog you curiously wonder was it the draw of the unknown, the lure of adventure, the tales of relics from a previous time, a questioning thought jumps in to your head that maybe it was just cause you ran out of milk your now unsure… Yet you stand at a door to what looks to be a tavern one you’ve never noticed before even though you have been down this road too many times to count, the passer-byes around you seem not to notice the faint green glow emanating from the frame encompassing the door, can they not see it you wonder its seems they can’t, you reach out and touch the weather door that light touch makes the door swing inwards as it cracks open illuminating you in a blinding green light, unconsciously you shut your eyes and raise a hand to block them striding forward past the threshold the door creaks then thuds with a slight gust of wind as it shuts behind you, now squinting slowly your vision starts to adjust and there you stand…”

Figured id add a little character to it and start this off lol, so a year or two ago i had an idea of starting a community based auto project where the genetics involved would be sourced from within the community here on Overgrow and i would initially attempt to get the ball rolling by starting and growing out the first round making selections based on my own metrics though leaving enough pollen donors and mother plants to potentially have a diverse range of what the seeds of said union would produce. These seeds would be mixed both after the fact and with what pollen was used and i would give them back out into the community for others to grow, explore, pair down and breed to their own preferences allowing each to do what they want with them.

In the process we would get to see how things diverge or combine and what pops up and learn from the experience of it, and well get some bud along the way too :wink: . Eventually either recombining said efforts or starting anew for a next chapter and seeing where this adventure goes.

So i actually wasn’t thinking of doing this yet until literally a couple hrs ago when i was having troubles deciding what seeds to start next and was thinking about just running a mix to explore what i had accumulated from other members here, as the thought and selection of what to run in an individual selection had me wore out with decision fatigue, so when in doubt run them all lol…

The layout as it stands is as follows, i have taken 10 strains 2 seeds from each and mixed them together unknowing as to whats what so that i stay impartial and just gauge the plants for what they are not what they say they are or where their from or what supposed scents, structures and yields they may have i wanted to be as impartial as i could.

So to start i have now put 8 of these seeds to water and will attempt to grow these out and reversing these to provide pollen for the other 12 i’ll start in a few weeks, these initial 8 i’ll be selecting down to 2-4 prime plants eventually to hopefully provide a stronger showing in the offspring though i will collect and evenly combine pollen from these plants and disperse them onto the chosen mothers which i would like to pair down to a minimum of 3-4 mothers. Im gonna try and pick plants on obvious normal standard characteristics that i typically pick for though keeping a range of different plants just to get the mix going.

So here’s the strains that were included in this first grouping

LemonPie - made by me from seeds originally received from a giveaway from killabeez-seedbank here on the forums
Wedding Cakes - made by @SaintAliasKnife from barneysFarm stock
AK-48 - Nirvana seeds which were Gifted by @HaRdRoC
Trizzler - made by me from seeds gifted from @HaRdRoC that come from Twenty20 Autos
Auto Maria 2 - made by @Chronickyle and from Paradise seed stock originally ?
Waterstone - from @Sebring which i picked up during one of his seed events a year or two back.
Double Man Grape - Made and gifted by @Yetigrows
StrawberryShortCrack - ^^^ see above
BubbaCrack - ^^^ yeti as well
Ghost Rose Cookie Devil F2 - Seeds made by myself from a combo of genetics of @ReikoX and myself @Mr.Sparkle

So thats what in this grouping, essentially was all my fem autos i had on hand that weren’t of my own crossings apart from the GRCD f2’s i added at the end to make it out to 20 seeds.

And here we go, hoping for a good amount of seeds to share and play with at the end of this.


Good luck with your grow ,I’ll be watching this you know my love for autos :jack_o_lantern:


@anon98660487 first in.
i’ll take a second row seat, thnx


Second tier dead center is where I’ll set myself up…


I like this concept to what your doing here, it’s gonna be awesome to see how things evolve.

I’ll be here chilling watching and participating :relieved:
Ps. The Lemon Pie smell for me is intoxicating, love it.


Looking forward to watching this! Great concept! Settin up my beach chair, sunglasses on!


Hi, I think this is my first time talking to you, nice to meet you.
I’m always on the lookout, gathering information.
I’ll find a place in the corner and be quiet. This is going to be a like a specialization in autos.
I have great growth.


Love the Intro @Mr.Sparkle! Looking forward to following your grow.


Great Introduction, and really cool concept. Looking forward to seeing how this goes :slight_smile:


Definitely in to see your mad scientist search but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that not knowing which plant is what strain in a grow would probably drive me a little nuts. Completely get the sentiment behind it and the goal is pretty cool but not sure I could do it.


I had a damned scout somewhere…:rofl: .

LOVE IT! Hell of a project.


I loved Zork!
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

No? Ok, good luck with the babies. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll come along for the ride…


May be the GM for our gaming group and was watching critical role while i wrote that :wink: , Now Zork on the other hand thats been a good while.


Great idea! I’ll take a seat if ya don’t mind


brother humbly I sit in a corner to observe … :muscle:

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Yep, most of my lifetime ago… I didn’t really love Zork, of course, since if I played it today I’d get a little touch of nostalgia and then immediately start remembering how frustrating it was to “play” - since it was basically a game of figuring out what grammar the computer would accept, rather than using it as an excuse to kill you. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s some things that a computer can’t replace, and GMing is one of them. There’s a tendency to decide you’re trying to break the rules and punish you when you’re just confused, and to ignore it and blindly allow you to when you’re actually trying to break the rules…

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I thought we had a new spin on Colossal Cave Adventure
:laughing: :+1:



lol at the contact lens case. you are definitely resourceful

im looking forward to seeing how you go about selecting, ive never got how to spot traits in the short lifespan of an auto


Really amazing project!

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it works great, been using one for about 2 years now, once they throw tails they get planted, no more ziplocks and paper towels for me