Closet Chronicles : Growing With Mr.Sparkle 2019

Time for a new thread, so here we are.

Quick rundown of my setup for those who are new.

Dual chamber closet setup running at 0.28 m2 or 3 SqFt a side, and with a height of 73cm or 28.75" from floor to ceiling. Filtration and air exchange is provided by a 6" carbon filter connected to a AC Infinity T6. Also running a couple 92mm PC fans for circulation, and have basic auto watering setups composed of about $20 worth of parts per reservoir.

“At the time of this post” im running some lm561c led strips in an array, reduced my previous bigger setups down to a 3 bar and they are running at 70 watts a side, just as a baseline test for another light i may be trying out.

Plant’s wise i run pretty much only autos now, but may sneak in photo run for breeding purposes.

Nutrients is just Megacrop, the version 2 stuff right now.

And here we are

Closet shot

Inside shot from today

Left side Day 4 , plants are two of @ReikoX GT SBR’s (Ghost Toof x Sugar Black Rose), and two Cream Mandarin’s

Right side Day 14/8 Just a Bunch of DarkDevils/DarkSparks from various generations, and now a lone TDC “personal cross”


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Me too… And then some letters


Count me in twice for the characters.


I’m here! Cant wait to see how things turn out this round!


Closets look great. Spick and span as always!! :v:


The standard of cleanliness we should all be working towards. Love watching your grows @Mr.Sparkle :v:



Nice work
Following here!

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Not sure if it’s a front seat, but pulling up a chair anyway

Cheers Johnny


I’ll be watching you :eyes:


Looking great as usual :popcorn:

Thank u for sharing always like seeing whats goin on elsewhere…

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Love that stealth closet!! How tall can your plants get in there? Do you lst them?
Can’t wait to see what comes outta this stealth closet, love watching these grows.

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I do whatever is needed, typically I flop which is like supercropping just more focus on how it’s bent, but sometimes I need to lst, hst, and top and prune heavily if they are running big, as for height not much something like 18" or so from pot to light


You supercrop your auto’s?, Do you find it makes them have a bit of down time? sorry read it too fast, lol, like supercroping you said

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Yeah crush the stems and flop them over but I just make that bend radius bigger than standard supercropping, but I also tie them down if needed, and personally no I don’t notice any slow down as I’m not trimming the plant and the other nodes take up the slack quickly usually giving me a somewhat even canopy. You’ll see in about two weeks :wink:, or I hope cause if they all bolt when I’m gone for 7 days it’s gonna be a mess


Nice clean setup! Makes me want to give some auto watering a shot.

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Well lights out in like a minute but

Day 6/10/16

i need to figure out watering amounts vbs time and actual res volume to calculate out how frequent and how long i can water for say a 8+ day absence, something ill do over the next couple weeks


I see a spec of dirt…Errrr never mind was on my screen lol. Emacculant grow space man, cleanest I’ve ever seen


It gets dirty, i just clean it up afterwards or give it a quick wipe down with a cloth. Yesterday had coco everywhere so much so i needed the vacuum, figured ah let me blow that coco off the lower leaves of the pots i just topped up.

Forgetting that i hadn’t water settled all of it yet, Poof cloud of dry coco everywhere… damn now i gotta clean it.