Guerilla Watering

Hello, OG brothers ! :innocent:
I have some questions on guerilla watering and auto grows.
I have read silverbacks thread on IG on water crystals and water collars . Very good info

I was wondering if this would work (will experiment anyways) :innocent:

  • Drill hole > line with trash bag > pour soil in > fill 3/4 hole with compo sana and perlite 30% added
  • add drilled PET bottle inside trash bag/ soil mix > fill "sprouting hole (1/4) with lightmix
  • cover with dug out claysoil
    Only water./feed thru PET bottle every 2 days > OR
    place smashed ice in PET bottle to irrigate slowly
    The temps in my area reach 39 celsius from half july to end of sept so I was wondering about cold shocking roots with this approach. I’d wanna use this as a fast watering thing
    Any tips are welcomed.
    I’ ll post my pollen chuck autos in the meantime > the ones I want to use this out season , but growing indoors

a clone and more seedlings


  • another seedling

I’m growing in a 160 cm long / 80 cm high tent
I’ll plant more seedlings in 3 days to fill it up >
I have 10 seedlings 3 days old, seedlings 7 days old,and 4 clones another 2 on the way)

My pot vary from 1 l to 2 .~ mostly…

I ve got 2 more small spaces (50 cm h, 40cm depth I think… I want to fill them with breeders

History : Azure Rocket Male bred to Deimos (both autos) < around 50 seeds > this year
Chose 4 females to breed to best looking male ( f2?) - will show pics
Thinking about breeding best male out of this batch in march with an auto blueberry from fastbuds ( for moderate smell and higher [i hope[ yields] >
then plant these in halfmay in my garden and guerilla
Thoughts on breeding , soil mix, location watering are very welcomed



These DO work but I couldn’t give you any directions; I used them on tomatoes & could be gone a month easily. :+1: