Hand rolled joints Unite

It’s that time of the evening when dad sits back in the growroom and twists one…

Tony’s RIL on the menu tonight.


Nice thread, some of you be rolling Betty Crockers(shockers) though :joy:

The no tip(roach, crutch) is ok for smoking solo but passing it is no bueno.

As a kid I could make a bong in 5 minutes in what I could find in a garden shed, 1 Gatorade bottle, piece of garden hose and a 15ml socket and the plastic fantastic would be bubbling in no time. It wasn’t till I moved to Europe that I learnt to roll a good joint.

The US and Canada smoke better flower but the Euros definitely know how to roll a way nicer doobie.

Brown papers aren’t fancy just means they haven’t been bleached so they taste 100x better.

Happy Fathers day, time to unwind…


beautifully rolled there @FattyRoots ! so clean, it almost looks machine rolled except for the cone shape. i like how you cap it as well. do you let the end burn off before really inhaling, it seems like a bit of paper. although that may give enough heat/fire to build up a nice cherry.

i wish i could smoke joints like i used to, but a few puffs on one now and i’m coughing half a lung up. i’m gonna go light one up now though, just for nostalgia sake.


^^^^ what min said @FattyRoots that is a work of art :kissing_closed_eyes:

dont really do joints been a hot knife and bong fan since i was 16 :face_with_raised_eyebrow: long time :smile:


No the crutch is the piece of paper at the beginning. Kinda like a filter so you have a place to put your fingers and not get burned. I always smoked the joint down all the way and my fingers would turn orange with the resin dripping off. With the crutch you don’t have that problem.


Nice Doobies everyone… @FattyRoots damn that looks perfectly done…I’ve never rolled or even tried a cone joint…I was digging around my garage looking for something which I never found but I found this, a newer version of a power hitter that glows in the dark and its brand spanking new…my grower buddy gave it to me 7-8 years ago…


Thanks lads, it took a few trips to Amsterdam to get them dialed in but now I can almost do it with one hand just need both hands for the initial fold.

I do mate I light it and blow on it to remove the excess paper

Man after my own heart mate, that’s my bread and butter


:joy: :thinking:
and my joints look like that when i do roll one
think we mite have been separated at birth mate :crazy_face:
oh know im an old shit i forgot :stuck_out_tongue:


what is this crazy hot knife and bong action? i’ve done some out there things with smoking devices (fruit pipes, macgyvered plastic water bottle pipe, homemade gravity bong) but i don’t think i’ve ever done those hot knife dabs. is the bong just for the extra water filtration? and is it just one hot knife or do you need two which you press together?

don’t get me looking like a crack addict trying out some new weird smoking method. i know you stoner weirdos like to play jokes sometimes. “yea, that’s totally how you do it! yep, just put it right in the hole, right in that ol’ butthole. forrr shurrre!”


Hot knives/spoons is very old school, we used it to smoke Hash back in the way back days bromigos…


:smiley: yeah hot knives like the vid but ive got tongs like cooking tongs but flat can use one hand so dont need the head gear :rofl:
and only do hash hottys weed to tickley
my bong is a grace glass beaker bong i’ll take a pic (no i wont its filthy :joy: :grimacing: )i’ll clean it tomo and take a pic,
i think its 44 cm high mrs limes is smaller

yeah bro you know its old skool im not that old 46 but ive been doing knives since my mate scott showed me in 1990 :smirk:


The original dab rig mate


Pinner splif. 10% Frondo 90% CBD

It was very tame and controllable. I am satiated.


Nice one…I haven’t rolled a pinner yet…did you roll that because of my post or do you regularly smoke pinners?..


Your post was the inspiration to roll one up. I normally use 1.25. But, I loved the challenge.

Backstory, when you’re in a rush, sometimes you don’t get the size you asked for in the first place. Waste not want not and lemons, cliche.

Edit: After watching that video, there are things I would do differently compared to the gentleman in the video.


I REALLY suck at rolling joints. That’s why I use a little zig zag roll machine. They come out like perfectly little cigarettes every time.

But last week I was practicing rolling without it. You know, one of those basic life skills I feel like I should have…

After about 12 fails and lots of swearing, I got a couple that were… ok

Someday I’ll get good at it. Maybe. :roll_eyes:


It’s all about the initial setup. These are my two favorites.


Many of the euro friends I have met in my life smoke spliffs… Why ruin a good joint with tobacco!


To save time. No other reason. Also, to save money on an expensive habit.

I will never put a splif in rotation and it is frowned upon here in the states.


It’s because majority of the countries in Europe can only get hash so they grow up smoking spliffs, it’s very rare that they can even handle straight weed smoke without coughing their lungs up. The tobacco turns in to an addiction