Have you ever had a plant like this?

Hi everyone! I want to share with you my experience with a plant that i got as a seed that is Original Amnesia by Dinafem. This plant’s clones can end up so different in almost every aspect except the aroma. It can grow dark purple or brownish or just bright green, it can have thick stems or very thin ones it can even grow nuggets that look like balls or nuggets that look like eggs (elongated). All this depends on climate conditions. Other strains do vary but from all the dozens of strains that i have tried it is the one that gives the most variations. However the basic aroma that you get when you break the bud remains unchanged no matter the climate. Anyone ever had a plant like this?


Sugar Punch from Sannie’s Seeds has done that to me. I had a green pheno, cut 6 clones from it and ended up with 4 green clones, 1 purple clone and a pink clone all from the same mother plant.


That’s interesting, I have to grow it in a different season to give this variation. To give different results under the same conditions is even more weird

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The flowers on the green clones had a little purple in it, the purple clone had some green tips in its flowers and the pink clone had flowers that were almost hot pink with light green leaves.

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