Healthy Made Seed Bank

Got a email from them today, normally they can be pretty $$$ on most. Here’s the rub though…


To get discounted prices, you must buy 3 packs from the same breeder, no mix and match from different breeders. Orders not following this guideline will be canceled. Freebies not included with on sale items. "

I added two packs to the Cart and the price remained the discount price…Sooo WTF???
I hate those buy 2 get 1 free and most of the time you don’t get to pick what you want anyways. But that’s just me though…
The Secound Gen is $50 a pack, Mimosa is in stock, haven’t seen them around in a while, $175😅
There’s a few more, CSI $10 off, Oni had a good deal…BUT you’d need to spend a few hundred for it to work and all from the same breeder! Second Gen came out to be $150 for three packs, not bad for them.

Never used this bank before, only heard of it…And they changed their website recently so that’s why its differ.

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