Help choose 2.0 version of Overgrow logo

here is a quick one I threw together :wink: rough copy in black and transparent but can be colored any way :thumbsup:


New batch

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44# bottom one looks about the best so far

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I may be the only one but personally I think the majority of them look better/more professional without a fan leaf, although I do like the letter design of the “O” on number 20 minus the leafy background.


Newly tuned design drafts:

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Had read the direction you wanted to go well after the fact. Real late to the game, but I was going for simple, but thinking of the community here as well. Pretty tight ship around here. With some crafting, one of them could work.



Yeah, i prefer the old logo. #6, #60 and the variations


I genuinely appreciate the effort many members are putting into this and many are attractive, but I am an O. G. And I am still partial to the original design


black guys a snitch.


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Would like to see a cola with the logo also.

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I wanted to upload a logo with:
Budding plants growing out of a city skyline, set behind the word “Overgrow”

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to actually accomplish the task.


Salutations LemonadeJoe,

In my position i better avoid direct involvement but i’d still be tempted to refer to the original logo.

Hence my question: was this the genuine OG logo above?

Consequently i’d find anything that sticks to the gravity-pulled leaf shall make a lot of sense, yet i liked the “O” stylish letter turned into planet earth. How about an hybrid born from the breeding of both?..

All the sudden my untamed imagination starts to kick in, out of control again!.. :sunglasses:

Lets consider the challenge in its globality… 1st of all, early during a new website creation process i’d expect the logo to be made compatible with that site’s “Favicon”, which was based on some very restrictive format with an .iCO file extension initially. These days it appears browser directives allow for the additional support of .PNG and .GiF format, paving the way to relatively easy/convenient animation in resolutions of 16x16, 32x32 and possibly 48x48, 64x64, 72x72, 128x128:

That’s just not an .iCO file anymore and this could prove most useful considering movement can help to compensate for the lack of sufficient graphic details quite a great deal when compared to stationary images, for example:

That’s a 30 frames 16x16 8-bits RGB .GiF (v89a) sample which effectively communicates its message in the blink of an eye, because visitors don’t really need to have a detailed view only to assume this is earth in rotation.

Although i’m not too sure where to go from there lets at least mention this specific graphic image is free (“Creative Commons” license with no attribution):

[ ]

Just in case. :wink:

Maybe it would be possible to create a 5-fingers cannabis-shaped continent which appears every 360°, or if the FavIcon could be larger then simply insert this animation where the “O” of OverGrow would stand, with the gravity-pulled leaf still intact, symbolizing a sense of abundance for all (inclusivity), enabled by an international community of green-thumbs cultivators and more!


Or maybe that’s not realistic because of the restrictions and hence it would be better to let go the Favicon before it becomes too involving. Having no previous background related to the former OG that’s all i can think of besides wishing OG 2.0 the best of luck & success.

Good day, have fun!! :peace:



6 Finalists were chosen from all 16 designers.

I’ve started a poll to help choose the best design (anonymous - you don’t need to fill email or name):

You can rate each design concept with 1 - 5 stars and leave a comment to each design if you wish (optional).

Thanks! I’m looking forward to your votes!


I like the one currently in first place, but on a black shirt the top is going to disappear I am guessing, so I voted for the one in 3rd place. Super clean, but all of them are pretty nice.

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Of course it depends on colour of the t-shirt. But these colors needn’t to be final - depending on t-shirt colour they can be adjusted. What works on black t-shirt can’t work the same way on white shirt. It is better to rate the quality of the design itself and think of colors as kind of variable.

BTW you can rate all designs on scale 1 - 5 stars. Or just put 5 stars to your favorite to upvote it …


I just voted! C’mon everyone, i know it’s early but let’s not forget to cast a vote. We’ll be looking at this logo for a while everyday so, it’s important you cast your vote.

Let’s vote everyone…


i like #60 it’s very simplistic

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Voting is still on…

Intermediate Results