How to Support Overgrow

I was asked about ways to support Overgrow, so I came up with this quick list. Basically there are three options: buying seeds from partnered sellers, supporting us on Patreon or sending us Bitcoin donations.

How to support us?

Buy seeds from our partners

:bulb: Hello, if you are looking for seeds at particular shop, please consider supporting Overgrow by using any of following affiliate links before actually sending order to merchant. We get small commission from the sale.

Checkout #sponsored section for current offers from our sponsors or click links to shop below:

Donate using debit card

We finally have our own private donation page. You can donate small amount one-time or monthly using our local gateway that accepts all major debit cards.

Become our supporter on Patreon

We offer our Patreon supporters some recognition and perks. See our Patreon profile or read more in following topic:

Donate bitcoins

You can send your donation to our bitcoin address:


(if you wish to send to non-public bitcoin address, let us know we can generate one just for you)

Thanks in advance to all supporters!

If you prefer other shops and you know that they are running affiliate program send us a note and we’ll happily add it to list.


Seedsman has limited time offer discounts “420 Special” up to 50% off 2000+ strains, seed bundles and free worldwide shipping.


No seeds for me for a while.:cry: Very nice of them to make the offer though.:grin:

I’m buying from, how do i tell them i’m overgrow?

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Just use the link in the first post before you go to cart and add goods :slight_smile: Thx!


Just got me some NY Diesel from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, thru the link here. Is that all i had to do? I already contributed with OG?


Just joined up on the patreon…

Have you guys looked into accepting crypto currency other than bitcoin? BTC is slow af, expensive, and not anonymous or private by any means so I don’t keep any, but I have monero and some others that I could donate if you accepted them. would let you accept virtually any crypto and cash it out to whatever fiat you want, or not, whenever you want. I’ve used it for accepting donations for my own work for a few years now and its worked great for me.

Just a thought ^^


Thank you very much for your support @HolyAngel!

Thanks for recommendation. I’ll definitely check out CoinPayments, but currently Bitcoin is for us the easiest way and it’s probably most widely used. It would be probably to much hassle to accept multiple alt-coins…