Help choose 2.0 version of Overgrow logo

Hi all,

I’ve finally started a contest for new Overgrow 2.0 logo that should replace provisional one that we are currently using. New logo should be in vectors so we can finally create some souvenirs like t-shirts, etc.

Contest just started at, which is established site that features many good designers and producing very quality designs.

If you know any skilled graphic designers, please direct them to our contest topic:

Hopefully in few hours we will have some first ideas and I hope that you - members - will help with selecting the best one!

Let’s wait for some designers to join the contest…


Best 6 were chosen as finalists. Vote for best design:

Intermediate Results


T-shirts, stickers and other merchandise now available!


Some contestants have already inserted their designs … Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?


I’m looking forward to your comments?

Do you like something modern or would like to stick with old school design? :smiley:

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I’ve got an idea or two to toss in that pool.

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It is work in progress… I’m still working with the designers on improving their drafts…

Please share your idea… :slight_smile:

Out of these I would vote for the original logo, the one on the T-shirt.


Thanks for your vote :slight_smile: Game is still rolling :slight_smile:

New batch is coming!


i like the one in the middle on the bottom but a better leaf

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You mean #19? Yes that one really caught my eye… Leaf need not to be so simplified… I agree. I have communicated this to the designer.

thats the one or 12 .

Should be overgrow the world. With earth in the logo and not the flat one…

I’ll post mine after I’m verified on the site.

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I like #22, reminiscent of the classic but with a new face.

Upper left corner. Subtle and profrssional.
One cannabis leaf is good, its kinda overdone.

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Some new designs arrived:

Do you mean draft #23? That would be good for some printed magazine IMHO. I like how the leaf is done, but I’m not sure that particular font type is going well with the website typography.

I like 19,20 and 31…(20 characters grrrrr)

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i like # 30 just needs a little pot seedling added to at the end of it :seedling:

Great! I’m looking forward to it… Do you think you can make it before the deadline? I don’t know how difficult is verification process…

Anyway you can also upload it here if you wish…

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If it won’t work out in time to verify me, i’ll post them here.

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New batch: