Help in planning new Solstrip setup

Hello there.

I’m planning to put together a Solstrip system for my micro grow. I’m going to get 3 Solstix 2x plus a 100-watt driver, quite an upgrade from my 78 watt led bulb system I’m using now.

Now what do I need to get that is not shipped with the Solstix and driver sold by Baudelaire? Wire, what type and gauge? Connectors, which ones? Anything else?

You will need some 1" aluminum angle iron to mount the strips to. You will also need some 18-guage solid core thermostat wire for the strips, and some 16-guage lamp cord from the driver to the light (if you are going to remotely mount it). You may need some M3 screws to connect the heatsinks to the angle iron. Maybe some eye bolts for hanging. Also, you will need some wago style connectors to connect the parallel wiring.

You’ll need some wire strippers, a hack saw, and a drill.

Here is an example of my old veg light.

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Do the solstrips come with the conector for the wires? Or they have to be soldered?

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They have connectors. The solid core thermostat wire will push right in.

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Thanks @Reiko, just a doubt. Doesnt the new dual connector on the solstrip x2 make the wago connectors unnecessary?

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Haven’t used them, but I suppose you could get away without them. I would suggest soldering and heat shrink if you dont have the connectors. You’ll still need to connect the plug and the driver to the strips somehow.

What distance are you using between the solstrips and canopy?

Twelve inches is about the usual distance but it depends on ambient temperature and how hard the strips are running.

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This is my plant just before switching to flower

And this is my plant at the end of the 3d week of flower. The stretch is kind of non existing.

What do you all think?