HELP with growlights

started using a kingbow1000 earlier this year i believe its equal to 200hps, was good for veging a few plants then i switched to flowering with 1 plant, buds are fattening ok but not very sticky @ 31 days 12/12. i decided to try using led instead of hps and have ordered a mars3000, is supposed to cover 5x5 veging 4x4 flowering, i’m in the uk and the cheapest i found was from usa saving me £140, is due to be delivered around the 20th july, i’m in no hurry present grow wont be finished till next month

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I hope you have a big budget…i would say about $2500 for just bare minimum. You will definitely 2 lights or more and a couple 6" exhaust and carbon filters. Don’t forget dehumidifier and other fans to keep air moving.

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So right now im deciding between 4, Ai growlight EG-X4 660w’s and lumatek zues 600w pro’s (also waiting to see if there 1000w pro comes out), what do you think??

Mine came in less than two weeks and I was just a hair over 400 cad I think. So far I love the light

You could also use a mix of LED and HPS fixtures to keep cost down.
DWC is notorious for root rot issues btw

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just make sure you check the actual wattage draw on whatever you decide. Lots and I mean LOTS of the lights advertise watts much higher than actual wattage.
They will call a 100watt light a 600watt light or call a 600watt light a 1000watt.

the boards are overkill for my tents. 2x4 and 2.5 x 2.5

Get good canopy penetration, but I defoliate heavy.

for 10 x 10 , you may be correct.

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@Jr_Pad … You can definitely get a lot cheaper lights than those choices and achieve the same results.

Can you give me a couple of ideas on some of those lights and growing methods…
Thanks bud

There are lots good solid lights like hlg (horticulture lighting group) R spec series lights. I myself decided on a 600w spider farmer, meanwell driver and quantum boards. Most of the top light manufacturers use the exact same drivers and boards. My light sells for $589 has a 3yr warranty and covers a 5x5 area in flower.

You can pull a pound pretty easily with that light so why pay double or triple that price for pretty much the same product. You can prob get 9 or more 3 gal containers under a 600w led and expect 2oz per plant.

These are the last 3 plants from a grow i just finished and they were all a little over 2oz per plant.


When you get close to 35 Watts per square foot with decent LED lighting surprising things can happen. Even for a relatively inexperienced grower like my Mrs.


Any ideas on how to mask the smell??

Your charcoal inline filter will help with that.

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Like the man said, a decent carbon filter in the tent attached to an extractor. Keep the tent under a slight negative pressure so the smell is contained and has to leave through the filter.
You can also use industrial air fresheners like ona gel (outside the tent) and if that lot isn’t enough you can also use an ozone gas generator.


Another thing is get a second fan and carbon filter for the room and vent it outside. It will help scrub some of the air in the room.


I’ve ordered from company there (alibaba) and asked them to claim it under $45 so I didn’t have to pay any duties or taxes.
The chinese love screwing over North American govs…lol


The guy we’re trying to help has a 10 x 10 tent to scrub and will need to dump the heat from a few thousand Watts of lighting equipment so in his case venting into the outside room wont work


Last time i looked there were loads of Chinese companies selling Q board clones on there. It’s hard to decide which of them to deal with. Don’t suppose you have a link to the one you used bro?
I have a friend who wants me to build more fan cooled X3 Solstrip rigs for him but he cant really afford it and i cant really be bothered :laughing: Q board clones might be the answer for him if we can identify a good seller :+1:

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Check out this thread…you’ll probably find it helpful. (I just bought a marshydro TS1000 for a 2’ x 3’ space, do I’m of no help to you)

…and check out this site…

Yup i first went through LED gardener a few years back and i keep up with mr sparkle here and on another site. It’s specifically those Q board clones on alibaba i’m interested in just now. Can anyone recommend a seller? trying to save a friend some cash :+1: