Help with HLG 320H 48B please

Hello all :wave:
I recently purchased 10 Samsung LT F564B strips (

1 HLG-320H-48B Driver ( 1866-2491-ND

1 100K 1/2W Potentiometer ( PDA241-SRT02-104B0-ND

The driver is CC and CV. CV until current exceeds and then switches to CC?

The plan was to run 5 strips but i think my math is wrong?

How many strips can i safely run?

yeah it’s auto cc/cv, mainly dependent on how they’re wired(parallel-cv/series-cc) and/or load.
I have two of those boards in parallel on an HLG-120H-54A and it runs fine, albeit HOTT at full load. So if I were you, I would put the pot on there and turn it down. Should easily run 5 or however many boards you have no problem and you can turn it up from there. Long as temps aren’t breaking 60c (preferably under 50c for longevity) you shouldn’t have any issues at all. Can add boards later and turn up the pot as you need.


It will drive six strips. As @HolyAngel said the driver will run hot at full load.
Have a look at the load spec (output load vs temperature) in the specs.
The left shows 100% to 50C ambient (surrounding air temp.), then it starts to drop.
The right side shows load to case temperature. This shows 100% load out to 90C case temperature.
So if you can keep the case temp under 90C you can drive 100% power.
And you can infer that the case temperature will be 40C hotter than ambient - at least at 50C ambient.

To me, that is heatsink and air flow. That’s not too difficult as we are talking about 35 watts of heat.

(edit) Sorry, you get to the datasheet from the Digikey link.

Don’t touch the voltage adjust. Use the current adjust for the power control.



@HolyAngel and @Gpaw thank you