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Hey all,
Figured I should just post a list of what I have available for trade instead of trying to update random posts that get locked later. I update this spreadsheet as I get and trade things, so it should always be up to date.

If you have a list of things you are willing to trade somewhere that you can show me upon PM, that would make trading go much quicker :wink:

I’m not a stickler, can do bean for bean or negotiate whatever you think is valuable.

I’m not really looking for anything in particular, but I am currently interested in long-term crosses(member-made or otherwise) like F4+, IBL’s, IX’s, etc, don’t discount your own creations. I would likely want to hear/see your lineage though if you did do the cross yourself, if you cannot provide that, please do not bother offering it. I also tend to prefer older stuff, like pre 2010’s, not the current hype train poly-hybrid fad-of-the-week. Anything else, just pm me and we’ll see what happens ^^


Hi holy angel im very interested in the antenna seeds headgames 3
I have
ibl herijuana,
killerA5 x herijuana,
Goldentiger x herijuana
kronocaine x herijuana,
Blackafghan x herijuana
Freedom35 x herijuana


Are you in the US? I forgot to mention that’s where I’m at…

I would definitely do the headgames3 for your killerA5 x herijuana if that’s fine. Pm me with address if you’re interested ^^


That will be great im in holland i have no problem with paying postage :+1: :+1:
Killer a5 mom is a massive producer extremely sticky and the smell intoxicating mango the dad ibl herijuana from sannies seeds


I got a few beans you should check out! I got my hippie hash plant( unknown daddy) and my first ever plant I pollenated! I threw some gifted Original Haze pollen on my purple moby! I see beans popping out already! Like 3 weeks later! So I want you to try a few if you would like. Hit me back. I’m not to picky either and like making pals with cool people. Oh and the purple moby is the best stuff I’ve ever had. Hands down! Quick flowering sativa hybrid with sweet purple deliciousness! Can stack from cola to stock! Small tight long nuggets!

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I have some African pure sativa’s if you’re interested. Pm me if you’d like to trade a few.
Thanks, Pug

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