Mr Nice Seeds to trade Round 2

Howdy y’all
To kick off 2021 I’m trading away some more MNS stuff from my vault:

All seeds came direct from Mr Nice or the Auctions so I do not have the foil packs.

What I’m looking for in trade:
Anything TopDawg
Maybe something Bodhi
Or?? If it’s a pollen chuck, please be something special.

This will be the last round of MNS trading I do… the remaining collection I have is for future projects so unlike last time, please do not message me asking if I have more that aren’t listed.

Let’s have some trading fun!

Stay Hazed


Did I already Already get rainbow ylly pollen to you? This is a really awesome strain I have it logged in a thread,…Rainbow ylly by Tricoma Gold Genetics


Hi @Pawsfodocaws

Thanks for the thought my friend but I’m not sure that’s something I’d use. Already have 2 small breeding projects going and have 2 more planned for 2021 plus reversing Chem91 for some fem Seedz… dance card is full.

Thank you anyway!



I’ve got feminized Jelly pie…u can’t find Jelly pie anywhere anymore…have a few pineapple shakra too…fixing to have some platinum banana feminized in a week or so…drying now. The pl.banana is testing over 30% thc&I plan on crossing her with 9lb hammer


My master grower has 2safes full of genetics…from bog’s good stuff to whatever u can imagine…ive got 4chemdawg he gave me a couple weeks agp

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Interesting stuff you’ve got there… what from my lot are you interested in?

Feel free to move to DM if you’d like

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Lemmie check buddy. I’m new to but Mark from 420caliseeds gave me the 60day blueberry to help my wife’s cancer&my severe chronic pain.lost my r.leg, broke neck, back, was in a coma for 3months. Anything u have that leans indica & has a short flowering time. This was my latest ladies


Well @jason unfortunately all of those listed above for trade have some Haze hybrid elements to them… but I have some other stuff that I can share with you. I’ll shoot you a PM and see what we can figure out.

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Sounds good brother. Thank u. J

Hey jake, happy new year to you and all the og family too.
Nice little line up you have there. You grown out the nevil’s skunk ? Are there any long flowering phenotypes in the seeds ? Do you mind giving a brief overview in your opinion on the differences between the nevil’s skunk and nevil’s haze please.


Oooh gosh… it’s been a couple years since I ran NevSkunk, and I think I only had one girl. I remember her being super mellow but upbeat high… much sturdier than the NevHaze I’ve seen…
about a month faster to at like 12-13 wks I think.
I’d call it a practical version of NevHaze for sure. However, I’m sure in that pack there are a couple very NH leaning phenos, at least. Shanti never really tames those sat genes out.

Very similar flavors and smells. NH is way more raw Sativa power effect and NS is more balanced.

That’s about as good as I can do from memory :smiley:

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Been reading on JOTI and would be interested in some of his work… also kinda on the lookout for some more stuff with blueberry terp potential…

Stay hazed