How does someone become a tester?

I finally decided to get an Instagram account and I see post about testers coming out. I do buy my own seeds and clones, so I don’t want to come off as a begger.


There are lots of threads here asking for testers.Have a grow thread be active and check the breeders lab,the sponsors forum and the trading forum


Plus lots of members making seeds themselves and sharing on this board!


Here is the real deal. Be a good guy. Someone shares a limited amount of their seed stock, and they do it for a reason. They don’t have the space, or time to check them for the results they are hoping for. They want to offer seeds and make a promise that they can stand behind. “These are good beans.” But they need to know that first if they aren’t just going to be talking out of their ass.

Trust me, I have made seeds, and they aren’t all diamonds. Sometimes they are shit. You hope that if you put two attractive parents together that their offspring will be something special. That isn’t always the case. It is just a fact. You don’t know. Not until you test them. That is where testers come in. Provide honest reviews. Post regular updates. Admit when you made a mistake. Lots of people want to come across as some kind of expert. You don’t need to be an expert, just honest, with regular updates about how the plants are performing. Half of the grow diaries peter out before a final result because guys got embarrassed about the results. That doesn’t help anyone. Growers, breeders, nobody. Be honest, and be reliable. That is all any true breeder will ask if you.

I recently asked a guy on Instagram if he sold seeds. He tried to sell me $100 for ten untested seeds. When I declined he said “I am doing you a favor!”

Yeah. Right. Some “breeders” these days. That douchebag owns a company in Oklahoma. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Let the buyer beware.


You’re doing them a favor, don’t worry about it. If you got decent skills they’d love good photos. There’s a lot more crosses than people to actually grow them. It’s their bread and butter.


I would say having some documented grows is a big part of it and being willing and able to grow them out immediantly and or very soon. I’ll prob have some testers available next summer and would like to know they are going to members here who
can grow them successfully to there fullest potential,
have experiance growing so there observations have some base of comparison
Will grow them out shortly after receiving because the whole idea is to speed up the process of picking what’s worth working.
Some breeders want you to kill all the males and not creat seeds from what your given, I could care less I’m not into trying to control genetics or who does what with them. There are valid reasons for breeders to request this though like not wanting the strain to be known for something it’s not if you immediantly take it in a different direction and put it out there. Alot of shadey people might try and release it them selves before the actual breeder does, shame on them if so, most people heavily involved with the community know who is working what and can spot a fake or copy cat.


Helps to have rep. Swap some seeds, follow through. Learn the “rules”. Ask for feedback. Some members have feedback threads and some breeders stop in. Choose who you want to work with, do some research and pitch your idea.

Be honest and realistic about your intentions. Don’t commit to anything you can’t complete. I’m told most volunteers vanish with the seeds before posting a single picture. Be able to show that you won’t be that person.

I understand it’s not hard to get on Bodhi’s list. Do that, take some pictures, and talk about the grow.